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  1. Ok, so this started out like numerous mixes, but then BAM!! awesome vocals. There are VERY few remixes on OCR that actually use original lyrics effectively, even fewer that compile them into complete songs. Ken is my favorite player in the SF series, and this song was an amazing tribute to his kickass ability...to kick ass. :) Great job. My only gripe is that sometimes the vocals are hard to understand, or not synched with the music (though that's probably just because of what kind of music I'm used to). This was very well developed overall. 5/5, 5 stars, 100%, whatever you want.

  2. This song had about one high point for every low point. First, I couldn't tell what game (hell, SERIES) it was from until about 4:45. That doesn't really matter, as the first part was very orginal. Clear-cut, but it seemed cluttered and confused at times, much like a small lost child in Target. But like those lost children, I love to laugh at the terror in their eyes, I loved listening to this mix. ((Remember, more is not necessarily better!))

  3. I cannot explain how amazing this group effort is; this mix is without a single doubt one of the best mixes on OCR. The entire length captures the pure essence of the incredible game it is based on. SGX, I'm guessing your part is right at 3:46, and it is incredible. All the mixers added a distinct layer to this amazing mix. Everything balances nicely. The first time through, I thought the timing and tempo was a bit random, but after a second go-around, I tossed that thought out. Great work. KUDOS +1000.

  4. I hadn't listend to any new Remixes in a while, but djp's write up on this one made me give it a go. I was pleasantly supplied. One thing I thought that sounded a bit out of place was the background bongo near the start, but as the main part of the song started, it blended in very nicely. The notes were nicely played out as well, and like others have said, very relaxing. Very good. It helped after a tough day :D

  5. Oh yeah, forgot to mention to the newbies that I'm the guy that makes cool stuff. From Lego computer cases to sword-chucks to getting duct-taped to the wall (well, not exactly something you can make, but funny non-the-less) to The Scarlet Crusade. Just click on my sig to see my latest endeavor.

    Not to mention next year I'll be taking game programming, so look forward to seeing a lot of neat projects then.


    Pics will be posted this wednesday. Hopefully.

    Here's to that. **cheers** And I've been frequenting this fourm for a while with my computer building needs, so I might as well say high to all the new guys. Hi. And PM me if you're hot, female, the age of 15-17, and live in the northwest. :wink:

  6. -The Skedar Priest from Perfect Dark (until I found out that you had to destroy the pedestal)

    Hm, I beat the bastard on my first try with only a mauler (non-charged). I used up all the callisto ammo and realized, "Wait, this isn't getting me anywhere..."

    But I guess some things are harder for other people. That being said, I am the WORST at Pac-man. That little yellow pizza... GRR... all he says is "WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA"

    I HATE YOU, PAC-MAN! You've eaten at least $10 in quarters!

    Hey, I had trouble on that boss as well. One of the most annoying bosses would have to be the last guy in the original Syphon Filter. It wasn't that he wasn't hard to kill, it's just that you ended up killing yourself a lot with those friggin gas grenades.

  7. Not really, I still am getting my ass handed to me on cloister 91. Why 91??!? It just seems that all the monsters I fight are either Elder Drakes or other uber (haha, fun word) hard monsters/bosses. But I will prevail...

  8. When the background strings cut in at about 00:42, i was simply stunned. This sounds like a profesional recording. 01:08 and we get some great precussion effects. It gets a little slow around the 2 minute mark, but then quickly picks up again with a great piano part. By this time, I was looking for my jaw on the ground because it had fallen off my mouth. This is one of the greatest orchestral pieces EVER, not only at OC, but in any original private production. Your hard drive will be like a late night corner without prostitues if you don't have this song: boring.

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