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  1. I've already cheked this 2 songs. And in fact, I have the trilogy albums. But even though ALL the OSTs have a remix, some only have in these albums !!! And I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE REMIXES OF MORE OSTS !!! All the remixers make such an awesome job, however Aquatic Ambience has a little bit of "overuse" and the whole OST needs attention !! Come on guys you know what I'm talking about.....!
  2. You know, I have to agree with the YouTube guy... What about the others OST from DKC family ??? Some of them only appear on the albums of the trilogy, and are so awesome and underrated :/ This remix is indeed very good, but I'd like to see some of Life in the Mines, Boss Bossanova, Rockface Rumble and more !!!! Please let's take a break (only a bit) on Fear Factory, Aquatic Ambiance, and listen more to the full OST of this masterpiece, I'm sure some stuff can come alive. ;)