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  1. I was ECSTATIC the second I noticed the source material (I know you liked what I did there). There's been so many Final Fantasy VI mixes on this website of excellent calibre (same goes for this rearrangement from Rebecca BTW) but I was thinking as I listened that Mt. Koltz has only been remixed several times in an almost 20 year history, but it's worse than that. Surprisingly, this is the ONLY standalone arrangement of the song on the ENTIRE site! With the Overclocked history lesson over, I now have to nerd out about this arrangement because it's just great. Which hilariously almost sounds like stale praise because it's hard to find any arrangements with the name Rebecca E Tripp attached that aren't just great. Solid instrumentation, nails the source, & really does capture that emotion and magic present in the original (and expands on it). I remember feeling like a damn hero the first time I went over those mountains – there really is something indescribable about the Mt. Koltz music. This arrangement's a wonderful ride and hits me right in the nostalgia. Oh, that's gonna leave a mark.
  2. DJP wasn't kidding when he used the word BRILLIANT, because I don't think there is a large enough or bold enough font choice on that word to match what's in this remix. This is straight up one of, if not the best, most professional sounding hip-hop lyrics I've heard on the site to date. Instrument wise everything shined, although I found the drum/cymbal break around the 2:50 mark a bit jarring. But the ridiculously tight lyrics managed to work so well in that section (as well the rest of the song) that it's an incredibly minor nitpick on my part. You guys CRUSHED it!
  3. I, for one, think that the overall "all over the place" feel for this remix matches the in game character PRECISELY, & that philosophy that the artists came in with really shows. I think it's well suited, and funky as hell. Don't let the man with angry saxophone catch up, or you're dead. there's just something about live instruments, and the saxophone, flute, and guitar all shine (or, or sparkle??). Is the bass guitar from the beginning sampled, because it sounds like the real thing to me…? My only wish, after hearing that guitar right at the start, with a super interesting start, had a bit more play in the track. I was a little bummed that I didn't hear a bass solo or something else done with the bass, but this is a MINOR nitpick. Longboxofchocolate (and Philippe) has done it again, and again, with another top-quality track. Stick it in your ear for a while because it's GREAT, doesn't really matter if you think disco is dead.
  4. I love this mix so much, I had to write this post even though DJP said everything that I thought would be worthwhile to say. My favourite part of the remix is that beautiful organ just rocking out the whole way. Everyone needs more organ in their life, dirty jokes aside. :p This remix needs to be in your collection, pronto.
  5. This is so damn good and on point I had this vision of some R&B legend being super impressed with the song because holy crap. Fantastic beats and vocals that make you want to loop the track for hours. What a remix!
  6. This piece is absolutely elegant. Even though I'm just chiming in, I just had to drop everything and comment because of how extraordinary it is. I've enjoyed a lot of Rebecca's work so far & I'm super impressed she managed top her best. In fact, it really made me think of the pieces from the Symphony of the Goddesses tour (Nintendo's officially sanctioned Zelda orchestra), which I was finally able to experience first-hand last November. Probably because they opened with Valoo's Island, which Rebecca has also covered. I really can't tell if she likes the music from Zelda games or not. Also: I could tell how special this track was because I was having trouble paying attention enough to what DJ Pretzel had written while I was listening. I can't speak to the technical aspects but wow, SO GOOD.
  7. So Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Sting's mandolin somehow had a love child named Juan Medrano just so he could make this song. This arrangement is FANTASTIC, so I've got nothing else to say that hasn't been said already.
  8. THIS TRACK IS AMAZING. Unless you're actually allergic to piano, this is a must listen. In fact, it's cool, just stop reading right now and listen to it, my rambling will still be here when you're done. I'm particularly in love with the choice of song, because everyone knows almost every single track in Final Fantasy VII has been remixed to hell and back… Well, maybe not hell, but the remixes spent some time with Sephiroth in the core of the planet. Of course that really speaks to how great of a soundtrack it is, but it's definitely refreshing to hear new material that hasn't really been done that often. Mining Town has been one of those pieces that has always stuck with me yet has relatively few remixes. Also, because who doesn't love nostalgia, before I even hit play, it really brought me back to playing through the game for the 1st time & all the events that take place there, especially Barrett's back story. Back to this remix, however, it's those story moments that really seemed to inspire the remixer to have a very particular impact, especially in regards to the emotional tension. Particularly the section that winds things up starting at about the 1:25 mark, and really reaches fever pitch around 1:50. Contrasts the rest of the work beautifully and dynamically, especially when it returns to the delicate piano at 2 1/2 minutes or so. It's a great ride, backed by equally great arranging and work on the keys (to my untrained ears anyway). I daresay this easily ranks amongst the top tracks in this genre/style ever released on the website.
  9. I can't get enough of the song; it's almost like a famous European DJ stopped by OCRemix for the afternoon. The track has a nice slow build until the bass just DROPS all over your entire being, but nothing ever seems boring, stale, or overused. Some great variation that always keeps your ears interested. From what the judges are saying, it's great that you took the song and retooled things before resubmission, because now it just shines. What a great EDM piece, I might just have to put this on loop.
  10. The missing piece has been found, and lo' - it is good. Mmmmm, that snare though at 00:13 is delicious, as is the whole track. Chiptune-like segments are wonderful here and never jarring; it fits in as does the whole piece fit with an excellent SoM fan album, which you should DL immediately. ~ Thanks for putting it on the main page or else I would've missed it - shame us torrent peeps lose out (in .flac especially)
  11. I've never been the world's biggest Sonic fan, but I'll be damned if almost all the Sonic mixes on the site are amazing, and this miniature remix flood just adds more evidence. You can argue that the ending is a little bit flat, but honestly I'd rather have what happened in this track then just a simple fadeout. Everything here is just so good (on the heels of two other remixes that are also JUST SO GOOD)… Like DimeTower said, we're not worthy of this groove. Get listening – you're going to have fun listening to musicians have fun & with talent to spare.
  12. I like this piece does a great job of exploring the theme and squeezes every drop of juice out of the marimba and other instruments. Fresh squeezed marimba juice is what all the cool kids are drinking. Also I find it really works for Mario games in general, like all the more sombre parts are just variations on the melody. Made me think of Super Mario World's soundtrack and when I noticed years ago things like the underwater theme is a rearrangement of earlier music.
  13. Still proves that there isn't a bad track anywhere in this release. Maybe if you really despise jazz in all its forms, but even then I'd tell people to hurry up and snag that torrent immediately. So. Get it. Download it. Love it.
  14. I feel like I just showed up here to repeat things, because I'm blown away at how ENGAGING this track is. It really can't be stated enough because DAMN. Love it.
  15. This absolutely oozes old-school flavour and I feel like I just walked through a smoke-filled lounge in the 1960s. You should already be grabbing it from the server, really. What a trip. The brass parts for me are a bit of an issue, albeit maybe not as much as DJP or the judges may have thought. To my (super average) ear, it kept going from "this is near perfect" to "okay a fake but it still works wonderfully." Maybe that's why they were far in the back at times? Might bother some more than others so I think it's worth noting. Regardless it's an awesomely well-crafted piece and is worth downloading for that electric piano solo alone, not to mention the overall atmosphere. Hurry, before the Rat Pack takes the stage!
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