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  1. hi, i just release new album, a simple package of some oldshool vibe melodic electronic dance tracks....hope to get a love :p
  2. hi people! i'm just.........an another typical music composer who you never hear a sound before.... and why i create this thread and why can't i remix my own track? the story is, i'm more a electronic dance-addicted guy, while i really desire and dream my track arranged into other genres, especially orchestra...! my hard drive is nearly full now, so i don't want to risk myself a orchestra kit that cost dozen GB and spend my time to learn adapting new genres,uh oh.... you know, living without 4/4 dance floor drum beats is...terrible to me! XD here is the track of my, it's just de
  3. not a fan of undertale....but i think the theme is good, like you are fighting with a boss smoking weed
  4. hi again, everyone! i try to forget my old works so i can focus on my new project, basically random BGM-pseudo tracks, (well, i try to do full and rich instrumental quality as possible...) . just take a listen if you have time Random Intro https://soundcloud.com/hainam-1/random-nam-retro-intro-music-part-i highly experimental creepy track https://soundcloud.com/hainam-1/forsaken-breath-fm gloomy cherry ,a very short ringtone https://soundcloud.com/hainam-1/cheorry-petal very aggressive boss-battle-like track https://soundcloud.com/hainam-1/butterfly-mastermind again,
  5. same age as you, for the debut you are very good! wow! do you want to do somekind of...... friendly remix/cover each other music?
  6. oh great! you have the same....taste as me! same as you,self taught, strong interest for retro stuffs! but right now i'm trying to catch eye of indie developer, i never work with a real project before! the stage 1 track sound good!
  7. i sure you guy don't know this game,well... perhaps mostly...... but for me it's my childhood pc game it's Galaga clone developed by a small russian indie studio kraisoft, not the gameplay,but the game itself provide very nice melodic midi soundtrack,it's free inside game folder http://www.kraisoft.com/arcade-games/atomaders/ i took one of my favourite and remixed it, enhanced it to more energetic synthpop feel listen and what you think? if you want to...listen the original, you can download the demo, midi file inside!
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