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  1. Howdy to you all! and just because I felt like postig this picture again: Enjoy your stay and beware the horrors of UnMod
  2. Hello, welcome to the OCR forums! All your remixing questions can be answered HERE. Enjoy your stay and beware of UnMod we are a psychotic and devious bunch but oh so addicting……. *drools*…UnMod…..Mmmmmmm.....
  3. Greetings to all the newcomers here at OCR. Enjoy your stay
  4. “Special” eh? So is that what they are calling us looney’s now? Heh, welcome and enjoy your stay here.
  5. Sorry but you can’t; only the mods and admins have that kind of power. You can however, delete a post or thread you have made if no one else has replied. If someone has replied though, you’re kind of stuck. You could always try PM'ing a Mod though and asking them if they would move it for you. Just keep in mind that they are not obligated to do so. The list of Mods can be found under Community => Groups.
  6. Haha, I was wondering what that was all about. Well, you had the sense to correct the mistake and for that you should applauded, so few would have even bothered ( I believe that is deserving of a ). That said, a great big welcome to OCR to you as well as all the other newblets. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Greetings, for some handy tips about the OCR forums check the first few posts of this thread.
  8. Meh, I’ve been gone for a little while and have just returned and although I post very infrequently my brief observations of this “Neko” fellow seems to be of just your average troll. It’s been said a million times to just ignore such individuals but people never seem to get the hint. Where there are forums there will be trolls, that’s just something we will all have to deal with. I suppose I could add a bit about not responding or encouraging such behaviours by refusing to respond to nonsense posts or topics rather than single out a certain individual. When Neko is gone another will take his place.
  9. http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=35538&start=1230
  10. Probably because it’s a bmp, I converted it to a jpg for you: [img=http://img25.exs.cx/img25/8762/Signature9.jpg] Request a sig here: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=35538&start=1230
  11. Take out the space between the "/" and "images" [img=http://www.silverteacup.com/images/shadowofaman.jpg]
  12. Ahh fresh meat! Err..I mean newcomers . Salutations terrisare, Peng, and Shen_Long_Wood.
  13. Hello orual, and welcome to OCR. If you venture into UnMod it may be wise to leave the whole female thing out for now, we’ve been having a little drama over there the past few days and people are starting to get a little cranky.
  14. Considering the recent influx of newcomers starting threads to announce their arrival to OCR, I thought perhaps having one thread where newbie’s could come in and introduce themselves rather than cluttering up this forum with random “Hi I’m new” threads would be more efficient. This may be a dumb idea but I figured I’d give it a shot and maybe new members that are a little afraid to post a new topic will feel more at ease saying hello in a thread dedicated to such things. So post say hello and little about yourself. Oh and.. For a little more information on the do’s and don'ts see below. Any other questions be sure to let us know! A few pointers: - Lurking a bit at first never a dead newbie make. - Don’t ask for roms, illegal mp3’s and the like. - Don’t post porn or offending images. -(subliminal) Send me $5 - Take the time to look around and become familiar with the place( different personalities and such). Going on a posting spree your first day here rarely gives the desired results. -(subliminal) Send me $5 New Edit: Some linkage 'round' the forums of this here place: Okay my comp is borked, a community built on VG music dammit somebody must have some help.Bunch of geeks and damned proud! Geeks never looked...so sexy in an OCR hoodie!...Mmmmm. Also you're in the right forum. Newbies & Tech Help Are you the reincarnation of Mozart yet need a little help getting started with this new founded gidgety do-bobs? ? Try the Remixing forum: Remixing General gaming comment or query? Community is a nice place to hang: Community Liberal or conservative? Religious, atheist or somewhere in between? Up for a verbal go around here you go: Politics, Philosophy & Religion Suffering from American idol withdrawals between rounds and need something to vote for or partake in? This is perhaps more your style. Competitions Apples V.S. I'd rather not know why you stuck what where or why but thanks for letting us know. Random stuff: Off Topic Not sure what you want? A great online radio station to figure it out: http://oc.ormgas.com/ocmain.php There you are, welcome and have fun! Any other Q's ask away.
  15. It's not getting the sucker to work it's making sure it keeps working. It's fine for about five minutes then the link won't work.Argh!!! I have absolutely no idea way this is..
  16. just seeing if my host is still being a bitch the answer is yes!! argh EDIT: ignore the edit counts I'll probably be trying this till either 1) my host isn't a complete asshole and starts working or 2) I kill myself due to frustration! Never mind..gunna endure the evils of geocities..what? yeah I've lost it
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