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  1. Very cool indeed. I just got finished playing around with it and loved it. I'd still be playing if I didn't accidentally quit my game when I paused it. Oh well. Any chance you'll be sharing the soundtrack with us? You did an excellent job with it.
  2. Welcome! Your tags are fine but direct linking to a google image search usually doesn't work. Here you go: Feel free to use it. [img=http://img148.imageshack.us/img148/7196/imagestu5.jpg] Image Shack comes in handy.
  3. ya i love you to Awesome! Is a threesome in you futures Hmmm? I uhhhh....Am I kidding? Man I don't even know any more. Gah! get a room or take this to UnMod you little love birds
  4. K .. You did know I was joking right? Cause I was just kidding. I was joking and making a joke and was kidding and joking thus the kidding and joking.(SHUT UP MAHA NOW YOU'RE THE JOKE) ...*weeps* P.S. Some of us guys are of the female variety.
  5. Doulifee > Arek The Absolute i am no nOOB Arek i recommend to all newcommer to write Arek's name in Orange without bold, because it's a long time he didn't see it like that. No it's Neon pink with every smiley face aftarwards! Arek damn get your own name right! Damn you!! Err welcome newblets!...and yes we are kidding Also *smacks Arek* don't toy with newbies it's wrong and a stupid selfish action that does nothing more than inforce the fact all us UnModer's are freaks! In other words my job. Kidding again..Ohh I'm going to die.
  6. Enough flirting take it to UnMod or PM's you two! But welcome none the same.
  7. Welcome and hi. *damned nerds...* It's okay I know this person.
  8. Hey newblets. Welcome to OCR any questions feel free to PM me.
  9. Hello newcomers! Welcome to OCR. ohhh page 69 *giggles* ..sorry...
  10. Welcome back. If you don't think your works are up to the OCR or VGMix snuff, then the fine folks at OverLooked ReMiX would be happy to hear your shit. Their submission guidelines are pretty lax as far as quality is concerned. The thing is...I recorded some of my music from Megaman6 that I played on the guitar and I have an awesome way of adding others and stuff...I mean all this stuff in my head but can't put it into context without failing miserably.....unfortunately in those six months I was out my PC crashed once more and lost all that. but I'll try since I play sax and Guitar but I am better with the sax than the guitar....I want to meld them but can't cuz I only had the trial version of fruity loops.(can't save) Try checking out the ReMixing forum. You may be able to get some good information there. The same goes out to anyone interested in submitting remixes. The people there are friendly and helpful (or so I've heard). Just make sure to be polite and courteous. Though please be sure so check out the stickies and other threads first. I have heard people can be a little cranky in there if certain things get asked that have been asked before. Try using the search function if you're not sure. Also welcome to the newcomers!
  11. Salutations all, buckle you seatbelts and enjoy the ride!
  12. I just registered on the podcast site just to vote for you guys, I hope you appreciate the 15 seconds of my time to do that.
  13. Salutations newcomers. I hope you all have a joyous and eventful time here. Hopefully not too eventful though, especially as far as UnMod is concerned.
  14. Just checked out the OCR Toronto meet-up stuff: Oh pfft! It’s supposed to be Hockey Night in CANANNNANANADUH”! Get it right would yeah?..Fan-fucking-tastic! All right enough of my stupidity; will you be including a podcast on our next meet-up? I shall try to be more vocal ( may whatever deity you believe in help us all) in the next incarnation. Also, a “Night Terrors”aka. “The most childish video game song we can find with Gaea mimicking a horny goat and me screaming NIGHT TERRORS! In the background will most definitely be included. We have no life so this type of retarded shit actually gives us something to look forward too. All in all nice work you two, very enjoyable and had me busting at the seams! P.S. I'm bringing my goal stick next round, be very afraid!
  15. Welcome to all the newblets. Enjoy the land of OCR. Hehe we need more old farts around here. I should know, I'm one of the few. Welcome (again)!
  16. Hello Newbies and welcome to OCR. I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you run into any trouble feel free to drop me a PM. P.S. If you stumble into UnMod just do yourself a favour and ignore the idiots. That's not saying everybody is, (at least I hope so, I post there) but we do have our fair share.
  17. Before submitting I suggest posting it HERE. It’s the OCR WIP Forum where you can allow others to listen to your mix and give you feedback on things that may need improving. It’s very helpful for new and old mixers alike. Good Luck
  18. Oh we will!! bend over and I'll show you just how "nice" we can be! *wink wink nudge nudge* *ahem* Now seriously to all the new posters welcome! PM me if you have any questions or whatnot. I'm here to help.
  19. Welcome and check out this forum for all your remixing needs: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=7
  20. Looks like with the exception of SILVERWOLF_87 our welcoming crew has thinned out considerably over the last little while. Regardless, welcome to all you new guys and gals and I hope that your stay here is a good one. On a positive note you all found the right thread to pop in and say “howdy” so that’s always a leap in the right direction. Oh, and as always beware of UnMod it has been known to eat a few brains in its time. Goodness knows I haven’t been able to string together more than two intelligent thoughts in succession since I wandered into that place way back when (Or it may be because I’m a complete an utter moron but let us not talk of that ). I kid I kid, any question feel free to ask away. P.S. deathax: it might help if you gave us some insight on that radio station of yours, some of us have clicked on a random link in UnMod one to many times and are a little on the wary side (a.k.a. never seem to learn our lesson the first time).
  21. Hello to all the newcomers! Enjoy your stay here at OCR, and best of luck to those of you wanting to submit your own remixes.
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