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  1. Welcome to the boards. Post some links to your radio show, we'd like to hear. Also post your work here for feedback . Best to you and your bride. Take care. ~Maha
  2. We're still pissed off: A) Sonic CD hasn't be re-released why? 2) The series hasn't been given a makoever like the Mario series was. Instead random exact ports. Bah!
  3. This is not in the Tech Forum why? Mods?...... Lazy bitches.
  4. This is insane! I'm reading this now?! What nobody had the time to PM or email me ? To Hell with you all. Meh, still hope you're having fun though.
  5. Leave for a few days for work ...People say thanks, others are offended, ones real name gets thrown around and AD defends you. Ahhh Off topic my ass UnMod lives! Happy (late) birthday to you too Andrew!
  6. You are now as old as me. Fuck, I'll meet you back at the home... Freaking happy now?
  7. I'm a fan of getting blank jerseys ( hockey, baseball etc.) because I can personalize it. Nothing I buy online or in a catalogue ever fits right. I wonder if the powers that be would ever consider patches that we can buy and put on our own shirts jackets etc.. I'd buy some in a heartbeat.
  8. Maybe just maybe..Except, I have horrid memories of nearly every concert I attend in TO always including finding myself lost somewhere downtown. If nothing else I do have a gift for getting lost. Despite that though I might just find my way there.
  9. Why yes it! Here's a link that will help get you started: http://www.ocremix.org/info/Submission_Standards_and_Instructions Welcome!
  10. Mahaboo


    You'd be far better off by PM'ing a remixer or simply asking the questions here and leaving it open for people to answer. Your requiring far to much.For instance asking people to get in contact with you first when here you are in a remixing community and an open forum. Simply ask what you want to know. Keep your $25, only the lowest of the low would take it from you. I'm not a remixer but I know the majority of people here aren't complete asshats and would assist you. Good Luck.
  11. Alright it's clear this thread is going nowhere but down. Xelebes, Anyone, please close this.
  12. Yeah, there was a thread like this before no? In that case keep it open. I'll edit the first post accordingly.
  13. I just Googled some images and that looks like the one! Thank you oh thank you. Thank you! Mods this puppy can be put to sleep now.
  14. I've been in a nostalgic mood of late and would love to play a game I enjoyed quite some time ago. However for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. It was for the NES and you played an Australian outback looking fellow going through the rides in DisneyLand or some such Disney featured amusement facility. I can remember a go cart like level, pirate level, and a ghost level. I'm damned near positive it was Disney related though I cannot remember the name of it. This is bugging me to no end, kind folks of OCR help a weary Maha. EDIT: Answer: Adventures in the Magic Kingdom Please ask away and we'll try to help you figure it out.
  15. Thank you very much from the very bottom of my SOR loving heart. Downloading now. If the neighbours weren't getting annoyed enough with me belting the tunes through my computer speakers before they sure as Hell are going to hate my guts now when I start pumping these beauties through my stereo speakers. After a craptacular week at work what a perfect way to forget it all and make the week worth it. You fellas have made Maha a very happy lady indeed.
  16. Some have comps running with downright obscene monitor resolutions and when viewing on a comp with a lower resolution pics appear huge. Basic sig rule is don't try to be an ass (ie. purposely stretching a page). Just try to accommodate all parties involved but understand that sometimes that isn't possible. As for your English, you're doing very well. As long as we can get your point, and I must say a very fine job you did, all is swell. Welcome to the boards.
  17. Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a glorious post this is.Heh. I agree it's far to early to hit a panic button. All in all compared to most years most people seem to be staving off infections rather well. Most regular patients and people I know have had some form of the flu this season and its trademark seems to be that it just hangs on and doesn't seem to want to let go. Other than that it hasn't caused many problems. Compared to most other years, this thing is a sneezer.
  18. Something is definitely going around though I wouldn't worry. I'm dispensing far more antibiotics and z-packs (Azithromycin) but this always seems to happen at this time of year when people are far more likely to be in close proximity to one another. Though I can't explain the birds here's to hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that it's just one of those things. Remember most illnesses cannot be transmitted from one species to another. I said most not all. Just keep your personal hygiene up to par and I think we'll live.
  19. Ziwtra never fails to impress. I'm digging this. Not something I have on repeat like your other work but something that blends nicely to my nonchalant mixes playlist to keep me level. The added bonus of the voice in transitions is nice. It wakes me up. Just when I get get nice and snuggly with it, it whips in and puts me in my place. Harsh at first but after a few listens it grows with abundance. I knew this download was a good one and a keeper. I was oh so right.
  20. I have and have. Whoops should have made it more clear. I mean the patches to the original release of remake seemed slow to me compared to the original release of remake. Thanks for trying to help though. I still have the original remake in another folder so no worries on this end. I'll keep playing and drooling at my leisure. P.S. Did I mention I love the tracks? Heh, just thought I'd throw another in for good measure.
  21. Nice, nice and did I happen to mention nice? Also after downloading the patch and renaming the files me, my speakers, and the entire freaking neighborhood are hearing my glee. Amazing job guys. RE: The patch: Am I the only one that has a major sound and slowdown issues with the patched version? The sound has feedback that didn't occur in the original and the game speed is downright terrible. Even when I slow down the FPS it still lags.
  22. Since Gecko will be posting his SS tomorrow (his time) I grabbed this quick one in the meantime. There's some unique stuff in here and it's good old fashioned SOR goodness. I'm really enjoying this thing.
  23. Welcome all. Enjoy your stay and for the love of all that may or may not be holy never ever accept home made baked goods from the denizens of UnMod except on the second Tuesday of each month. I'm just kidding of course, don't accept them then either.
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