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  1. It's all based on the business side of it all. If you're composing for a director for an indie film, and they want it to 'sound just like this other epic adventure film here' or whatever, you're gonna have to emulate it, because it's a business and you're helping to produce a product that will be sold. This is why 2d rpg video games are likeable, even though there's very little money in it usually, though this is why they suck when the director says "I want hollywood big trailer music in this".
  2. I would seriously just get a small 7" windows tablet...hmmm... Other than that...I'm not sure, you're talking about using it at work or something? I would just use some kind of tracking/8-bit software to get ideas down that could export as a midi file, then transfer that to a desktop computer. iOS is probably better, or windows phone if it has any software that can compose...
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