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  1. A lot of GameCube games still used MIDI or some equivalent. But I think the format is not as unified like the PSX or PS2.
  2. This is a cover I did for Lagrange Point. I added lyrics to it, I hope that's not too much of a bummer. The lyrics is about relaxing and unwinding.
  3. Hey, guys. It's been a long time since I've been on this forum. I was making a remix for the this song way back in 2016. So far I've made two: I like the story to this game and decided I wanted to make a collab for it. I tired making a video for my remixed song, but my laptop when to hell while I was deployed. What I'm trying to achieve is remix versions of the song, though if you want to stick close to the original if you want to. As for deadlines or what ever, I'll want to end at the 18th or whatever. If you want to ta
  4. LOL. That's the main reason why I quite guitar, Before I learn any new intstrument, I'll pay somebody to teach me.
  5. I'm really happy how this topic turned out. Thanks for the replies!
  6. I know FL studio has a humanization option, but I can never find it. I just edit things by hand.
  7. "Pretty much exactly what Timaeus said. Also, a keyboard is pretty much essential in this avenue. You don't need anything super fancy if cost is an issue. As for the "2 years of piano playing", most composers I know, professional and amateur, are mediocre at best, pretty crappy at worst. They're good enough to find chords, play basic melodies and arpeggios, but that's really all. If you just practice a little each day, you can get proficient enough to make your work quicker without having to edit too much or re-record." I say two years because that's how long I expect to get good at piano
  8. What I really dont understand is how some people will always mention how a piece sound mechanical. Yes, too much mechanicalness can sound reptitive and dull. But even when the song is really good, people still comment on how it doesnt sound "human". But what yall need to understand is most people cant play an instrument really well, or have access to really good recording equipment or a good sample library. If try to make everything "human" by hand, it will take hours and hours and hold up song writing. The only way to fix this is by buying a keyboard, and have at least 2 years of piano play
  9. I really like your verison this sound. It's really nice.
  10. I say this is a pretty cool cover. I'm not a listener of metal, but I dont think is metal, more like hard rock.
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