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  1. Yes I do, I would use it in the case I didn't get a ocremix.
  2. Oh my god! Thank you man. And yes I do, sure! If it's not too much to ask
  3. Heyy!! =D Thank you girl. Let me know if you need anything ok? /cheers!
  4. A little teaser of the project. I'll probably release it at the end of December.
  5. Hello, friends! Long time admirer of Ocremix. I'm trying to start a 3D artist carer and, as you, I like to remix some things from old games to practice. While you do it with music, I do it with 3D and Unreal Engine. These are my first two remixed stages from Donkey Kong: And now I'm trying my third one, this time the Ninja Training Grounds, from Maui Mallard - Cold Shadow, snes version. Some early pics: What I want is basically a kick ass
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