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  1. Hi again. I originally joined these forums back in October of 2016, but I never posted much. I have, however, been listening to OC ReMix tracks for much longer. I like chiptune, synthesizers, metal, MIDI music, and also acoustic, synthy, and dubby stuff with organs, keyboards, etc. My other interests include pizza, games (everything from NES and DOS classics to modern FPSes), small animals (e.g., spiders, insects, legless lizards), and photographing small animals (spiders in particular). I also like octopuses (though I don't really eat octopus), classic sci-fi novels, and movies.
  2. Hello again. It's been quite a while since I first posted here, but I've decided to link some of my newer original music. Although I have also made some electronic and chiptune tracks, I have mainly still been writing many short "djent-y" themes, a few of which I will link below. My previous thread is obsolete as the tracks that used to be linked there were WIP versions of very old tracks that I've since uploaded to SoundCloud. Rather than re-post my oldest tracks here, I'm instead sharing some of my most recent music. The mixing quality and compression varies a lot amongst the sh
  3. Hello. I have uploaded a short excerpt from an original song which I am attempting to mix... Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ftbejny6abxvvfh/S02T05 test.mp3 Here's a slightly different version: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/v96hp02tq9zaip0/S02T05 test - ver 2.mp3 I plan on eventually having the full song done by a professional, but currently I would like to know if my mix is of an acceptable quality for demonstration/preview purposes. Is there anything in particular that should be changed in terms of EQ or volume levels? Does it sound noticeably amateurish? All
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