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  1. NintendoLover94

    Pokemon Colloseum

    the Pokemon Gamecube games have always had my favorite soundtrack in the series, so i'd love if one of the lovely OC remixers could work their magic with one of Pokemon Colosseum's songs!
  2. this was pretty good! my one constructive critism would be that, at least to me, the way the violin was played didn't feel right. im no music professor, but the way the violin was being played so sharply in contrast to the soft piano was a bit distracting. but other than that, its a great orcistration! the piano and violin carried equal weight, and each got a spot in the limelight!
  3. NintendoLover94

    OCR03440 - Animal Crossing "Soothing Rain"

    i liked it! while Jazz isn't normally my thing, Animal Crossing is really nostalgic for me, and hearing that song in such a relaxing style was just really nice! keep it up, pal!
  4. NintendoLover94

    OC ReMix @ Anime Weekend Atlanta 2016!

    aaww man i almost ended up going to this wish i'd known some OCR people would be there
  5. NintendoLover94

    Nintendo Switch

    oh my god my body is so ready :3 i do have a few concerns though: #1: i cant imagine that the thing where you take the controls off of the portable is going to work too well. i love Nintendo to death, but they arnt the best at making hardware #2: please, for the love of god, let this one get third party support so it'll actually sell #3: i wonder how powerful the handheld will be. even though it wont effect me personally, graphics whores are gonna tear this thing apart if there is any graphics quality drops between the console and portable.