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  1. yeah it was definitelly fun shooting it...and as far as the music goes, we didn't try to perfect it..especially the chanting parts...you can still hear some laughter in there and parts where we aren't in sync..but it is okay, it just adds to the silly theme of the song.. thanks
  2. For your viewing pleasure, I present to you OC Remix Community, 'Koopa Showdown'! For those who are unaware, this is a cover of the Boss theme from Super Mario 2..redone Pasta For Mario style...more info on my previous post and at www.myspace.com/pastaformario http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=17850586
  3. nope, not crack...magical mushrooms that make you think you are in an imaginary kingdom! I'd like to give you all a copy of the finished cd so you can hear some of the original music too as well as the rest of the songs not up for grabs on the myspace page... The music video is going to be completed sometime hopefully before it gets too cold around here..you think the songs are trippy, just wait til you see the video...a couple of keyword spoilers for ya...shy guy band..welder mask bad-guy...the "mario bros." in for a live action dileema.. if anyone does find they are interested at all in a cd, PM me for more details..I can't emphasize enough, these will be free for everyone...
  4. Well hello..no, I'm not posting another contest or poll or battle of the songs thing this time, I'd like for everyone to come take a listen to my newest "side project". www.myspace.com/PastaForMario We finished up our cd which comprises of several Mario classics, as well as music inspired by the series..even to top it off, a sound effect collage/song in which good ol' Mario gets a little friendly with the princess..we also got a music video halfway finished for 'Koopa Showdown' (SM2 Boss Remix).. You can find a remix of the Underground theme (SM1), Grasslands (SM3), and the Boss theme (SM2) on the myspace page..but here is a complete tracklisting for those who are just a little curious... 1. World 1-1 (Super Mario Bros. 1 Overworld) 2. Piping to the Underground (Super Mario Bros. 1 Underworld) 3. Stuck In the Pipes 4. A Plumber's Quest Continues (Super Mario Bros. 3 Grasslands) 5. Attack of the Hammer Bros. 6. Perilous Pepperoni 7. Revenge of the Koopa Pt. 2 8. Mushroom Kingdom High (Super Mario Bros. 3 Overworld) 9. Doomship (Super Mario Bros. 3 Doomship) 10. Exorcism of Boo 11. Mushroom Mantra 12. Koopa Showdown (Super Mario Bros. 2 Boss) 13. Toad's House of Groove 14. Sexually Aroused Pasta this cd will be free to anyone who wants a copy... and last but not least, just for those who like to pick out flaws and details..we know koopa has nothing to do with Super Mario 2 music, and we are aware the skinny guy in the mario costume did not stuff his costume and that neither one of the two are wearing white gloves..(luigi did not wear a long sleeve green shirt either)..we aren't perfect, nor do we want to be
  5. I promise to bring world peace to everyone if my version wins! Okay, maybe not.. But it is more or less a contest just to get one of the versions on cd..true, I guess it really isn't much of a contest because I don't have prizes or anything to give away..just the satisfaction that if the version you voted on wins, makes it to on cd.. I'm just really excited to see what the average remixer folk on here think of it..
  6. lol shows how much I pay attention to where I post my stuff..I didn't realize there was a competition thread until now..
  7. http://www.archive.org/details/Rachels_PsychoBoogie2007 On that above link, you can find two 24 minute pieces that are probably the most crazy thing you have heard lately..or maybe just for today..I don't know, but I do know, if you like psychadelic jam music, this is for you. The contest is to listen to each of the versions and decide which one you like the best. You can vote on MySpace.com/JustinR The song version that gets the most votes, makes it to the official CD.. I know I haven't posted in a long long long long long time, but I found this to be suitable for this crazy music loving community.. Thank you!
  8. man it was such a shock to see that picture of the title screen...i never would have thought anyone would have done this game..thanks a million wintermute... well i think this is the overworld theme possibly...i wish i could find a midi of the sky palace thing..seems interesting to do but anyway.. very nice array of instruments in this..well done, seemed somewhat short..i just wander about what it is still, i havent played the game in a while...
  9. the drums arent on beat with the gee-tar...no just kidding..im still thinking of how to fix my x2 remix...Lol, i horribly disgraced myself as a mmx music fan...oh well...i actually burnt it to a disc, and im gonna try my best to remember how i play it on drums and fix it on fruityloops...WAIT..about this mix, lol..sorry.. GooooD stuff..like a belated x-mas present? i kinda dont get the extra synthy trippy feel around 5:42 and so on..the mix is kinda..obese? i dont know..its good..just...gives me this weird thought of..that was it? too short and fat if you ask me..overdone with synth etc...but still worth the download...
  10. this song is getting too much bad rap..time to give it PRAISE! this song was great..sure its not top notch, but its better than that other remix of it, which i couldnt even tell it was like the actual song! but this..this is great shit..you can pick up the beat..and it has some sorta..ambient touch..(thats not bad..thats great!) improvements needed...none..its hella good, i dont see why this gets turned down outta 10 id give it 9.5 cuz this is probably one of my fave songs off the soundtrack and he captivates it..now if u guys wanna make a better song..go ahead...i wanna hear it..
  11. this is some funky ass shit! i like it..electronica never sounded so..soo trippy
  12. damn, of all remixes that i skipped, i dont think i should skip this one(since i got a new modem, its just too damn slow, almost 3000 bytes max..anyway) and i still cant download stuff without it turning into realplayer(even after i uninstall it), so whats in this mix? i heard something about the main theme( which sux..cuz thats my favorite and i dont wanna download some realplayer file..)
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