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  1. I laid down a few bars for Magical Dreamers (But Fast!) last night. The timing is giving me a bit of trouble for the style I'm going for (Greenday for lack of a more descriptive term, something like their song Burnout). Does that sound like something you'd be interested in including? I'll try to get the other "verse" laid down tonight to give you a bounce in the morning.
  2. I'm putting my hat in the ring; I'll try to whip up a WIP for something hard & fast this evening! Any suggestions for a Chrono Cross track that could use similar (but more polished) treatment as the Time Punk remix?
  3. Thanks for giving some love to this awesome soundtrack. I have so many great memories of playing through this game with my brother that the soundtrack is burned into my brain! Oddly enough I've just embarked on my own cover album for this soundtrack (focused more on hard-rock guitar) X-D I've submitted my first track ( My version of' Enemy Airforce') and await the judges comment eagerly :-) I'm giving your album a listen through at work today!