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  1. A remix, though it's not technically from a video game so I didn't post it in the other forum. https://instaud.io/private/a240d2484448deb83d5208ecb18e28e60d5a400e I'm curious if anything stands out as sounding "off" that can be improved, mixing or arrangement wise, and specifically how to fix whatever it is. this the original song for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MXtGipw_fw
  2. I was also considering getting it until I saw some bad reviews saying how the older versions were better. Definitely curious on what people here think of it.
  3. Yeah, reverb is done using a plugin or outside hardware, not part of the samples themselves - sometimes VST instruments come with a reverb built-in. The DKC soundtrack in particular actually didn't use the SNES's reverb, instead Dave Wise used delay (a doubling of one of the instrument channels played slightly ahead) for that effect. To pitch bend, you can use slide notes in the piano roll if you're using an FL native plugin (ex. Fruity Soundfont Player), or otherwise through automation clips. I whipped up an FLP of a portion of the guitar lead in Gangplank Galleon as I was curious myself - it has the slide notes, delay, and volume automation. http://www.mediafire.com/file/j3920jsal06lsni/gangplank+galleon.flp
  4. Regarding the Killer Instinct guitar: there is a Kontakt instrument of it out there, however it sounds really bad as it's missing a lot of the articulations/timbre changes (eg. with changing velocities, modulating etc.) that come with the TS-10's synth engine. Doesn't even sound remotely like the original - with SNES stuff it's different because the instruments are all built with (usually) one single sample. With the DKC guitar, it sounds that 'harsh' by default in general. It will help when actually writing to add slight volume automation fades with each sustained note, use of pitch bends and a delay to emulate how it originally sounds in the DKC soundtrack... hope that helps. It does look like Gangplank Galleon is in the works by BlueTronic; the FLP for that is in the Dropbox folder if you want to take a look.
  5. A lot of the original sources for the samples are in this thread (mostly from old Korg and Roland modules): http://www.dkc-atlas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2230 Updated versions of the DKC soundfonts are in the Dropbox link here by Bluetronic and they're a LOT better than the old ones: http://www.dkc-atlas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1993&start=50#p40830 Hope that helps!
  6. HEY everyone! I'm Michael - I've actually been frequenting OC ReMix since the early 2000's and just never bothered to create an account until now! Was even considering remixing game music back then but somehow just never got around to it. The MAGFest panels they held are what actually convinced me to join... can't wait to dive into the community here! (Special thanks to DarkeSword who answered my questions on rhythm after the panel!) I've been writing and playing music for most of my life; creating songs and such with DAWs since 2003 or so. Right now I'm hoping to break into the indie game industry through freelance composing. Main influences are Dave Wise, Koji Kondo, Hard rock/metal (Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne with Randy Rhoads, etc.), and most recently Toby Fox thanks to his incredible soundtrack to Undertale. Looking forward to interacting with you all!
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