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  1. I would also like to see more Fire Emblem. It's one of my favorite franchises, and I hope it gets more remixes. I have seen "Together, We Ride" (AKA the one song everyone recognizes because of Smash Bros) remixed a few times, but not much else. So I'll cross my fingers and hope that a few other Fire Emblem songs come our way soon.
  2. I think the melodica would work perfectly for this song. It definitely could provide a wacky, energetic tone. And ragtime might be the better word to describe the style of song. Like I said, I'm not familiar with musical styles and how to classify them.
  3. This is also the same music played in the Yoshi Valley race track. This is the original music: When I was a kid, my brothers and I would race on this track all the time. Part of the reason was that the music was just so crazy and energetic. The course itself is also rather chaotic, with the moles popping up in several parts of the track. There was never a dull moment. We could never play this course without laughing our heads off. I would like a remix that captures all of the chaos and energy that the original music and race track has. I'm not very familiar with styl
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