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Found 20 results

  1. https://youtu.be/I5QOhGgKSQA One of the hardest decisions of the year, what christmas holiday special should I do?? I'm not sure I even did one last year, I think I worked on the title theme from Yoshi's Island but couldn't release it in time for christmas. I was more prepared this year, starting up much earlier. Since the start of my new job assignment I don't have much time left for this kind of fun stuff. But I woke up one day and had the nastiest of mancolds I could think of. I took the opportunity of more time for writing on my remix, and here we are. Released in good time for christmas. Yay So what about the choice of song. I always liked the Mario games winter stage themes, many of them so happy and kind of cute. Frappe Snowland, which I have raced so many times when N64 was the latest technology, I couldn't resist doing something with it. It's also the theme of the Sherbet Land course, I think both is represented in later Mario Kart games. Besides the happy melody, I wasn't sure how to make it sound more "christmacy", but I did some new stuff for the song, put a shimmering bell in here and there, and a tambourine sounding kind of similar to the traditional christmas bells you can hear in songs like Jingle Bells. At the same time, I didn't want it to sound too much christmas, I want it to be good for all around the year, and maybe be played whenever you want another race in your local Mario Kart winter course even if it's hot and sunny. Of course I also wrote a more ambient part, half tempo with variants of some melodies and a very echoed and delayed solo (love writing that stuff). This is the kind of song I have so many ideas for, still wondering if I shouldn't have put more variations to this, ideas just keep spinning. But I'm just gonna be happy with the song as it is right now. I have come to the point when I've gone through so many great themes in video games, I begin to feel like I need to re-remix them all xD Much has happened to my skills and way of working with remixes since I first started two years ago. Themes I did two years ago will sound so much different now, for sure. What do you think of that idea? Is it crazy re-remixing something from the past? Or could it be cool to see how it would end up today? For now, I wish you all a lovely december, I hope you can enjoy some of my music and maybe come to think of some good old memories it brings to you. /Neon X
  2. https://youtu.be/UBK02HiVlVo This is one of my favourite themes from Mario Kart 8. So catchy, beaty and beautiful. I also got this as a suggestion not too long ago from a supportive listener. Thank you! I really enjoyed every second writing this one, even the transcribing was fun! Then to orchestrate and arrange as I wanted was true joy. Easily one of the most fun of all remixes so far! So many parts to work with and improvise from. Had a blast putting together everything, but I won't hide it was also a hard time! I had to work my hours with this one. Many solos and special chords I wanted to integrate and fuse with the original tunes. As you can hear I made it sound a lot like some 80s movie theme along with my ordinary instrumentation such as lead synths and atmospheric pads. There is also a finger snap mixed with claps present during a short section. I used that because that particular section made me think of Coconut Mall for some reason, and that theme contains a bit of finger snaps and claps as well Also couldn't resist using a sampled sound from Mario Kart 8 of Toad himself, "let's go"! So where the inspiration for this come from? Well, all the 80s music I listened to in my life, playing a lot of MK8 some years ago, and also much from a very special band I listen to now and then called Frost*. It's mix of musicians from other bands gathered to create some darn good music! I really recommend them to you guys who like progressive rock, they are really something else! Listen to their album Hyperventilate and you'll know what I mean. Remember, this is NOT my Halloween remix this year, I released that one last week lol! I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed writing it. /Neon X
  3. https://youtu.be/hNDv9XmDxdo Hello guys! First I want to say thanks for the patience with me, I've much things going on IRL lately and therefore not been able to write so much on this remix. I had some time the last few days though and did manage to complete it. The theme of the Electrodrome course is so frikkin' cool, I had so many fragments of ideas for this which I think shows in the remix as well. I used many different ideas and sections, and I hope I managed to create decent transitions between them. And of course I hope you guys like at least some of them ^^ The original has some noise and cracking synths with a bit of distortion on some. I created a bass with the choice to turn on and off a distortion for different sections, for example at 0:54 I turn off the distortion which makes quite a difference. Another big change in the remix is 1:52 when the unintensified variation of a piece from the original starts. Groovy bass, warm chords and a running pad over a straight beat. It makes a more relaxed vibe to end this intense song with. Something to take notice of: Intro: 0:00 - I have no idea why I did this kind of intro, it just hit my mind at some point in late production that I wanted an odd rhythm for intro. And it needed an exaggerating amount of a low rated chorus/flanger effect Build up FX: 1:22 - Home made sound of an accelerating electric vehicle. Based on an atmospheric pad I used in at least 50 remixes Other than that, please enjoy and put this on whenever you race at Electrodrome Take care folks!
  4. https://youtu.be/HZ9iIudnJOQ I really didn't plan to grab this theme right now, but for some reason I kept on listening to it a lot and couldn't resist. It's really great, and there are some clear similarities between this and the MK8 Rainbow Road theme. Due to the already complicated harmonies and theme melodies I didn't want to bring that much of my own composition into this one, I kept close to the original with some restyling. And wow, it does happen a lot in this one, such a great original composition. At some points I thought "do these chords really work together?", and when I listened to it after finish writing that particular line it really sounded great! I had many wow moments and I'm happy I chosed this song. Fun story related to Mario Kart Wii: At my bachelor party back in May 2014, my brother, some cousins and close friends made my day a Mario Kart day. First off was the gokart racing with real gokarts on a real course (I sucked by the way), and damn was that fun! I had to dress up like Mario with that red/blue plumber outfit, a mario hat and fake moustache. Afterwards we had a BBQ party at a friend's house followed by a Mario Kart Wii tournament, paralleled by a Track & Field (NES) tournament. During the video game tournaments we had a lot of shots and good drinks, and you can imagine how good we were at Mario Kart after a couple of hours. When we were done video gaming we went out on a club meeting up with the bachelorette party for my wife (!!!) which was the perfect timing and ending of that night. Maybe the best day of my life! I dedicate this wonderful song to that night, and all the people that made it happen. Thank you!
  5. https://youtu.be/uPIZuvyO5KI This is my first ever attempt at doing something with a swing song, and I kind of look at this remix as an introduction in fusing my style with swing. That is why I kind of left out my usual original sections. The more I get into swing though, I will be able to compose original sections that extend the originals in a proper way. The biggest challenge was indeed the rhythm, took some time to adjust to that. Then also the jazzy chords that fills the original with cool harmonies. As I have explained earlier in my remixing, I transcribe everything by ear which simply means I listen to the original and write the song from what I hear. In this case it was a hard challenge because of the swing rookie I am. If you listen to the other half of the remix you'll hear at least something Neon X original - the solo. I felt quite satisfied with that, it gave the remix something new and different. Besides all that, my beat is not the same as the original, the bass and the rhythm synth as well. I'm really motivated in trying out more themes within the swing genre. For example from Super Mario World and Yoshi's Island. Actually most Mario games contains more or less swing themes. I hope you like what you hear folks, the swing is really a new side of my remixes. /Neon X
  6. https://youtu.be/r7gipPg4R9c This is my proper thanks to you all, my listeners, my fans, my fellow remixers and the rest of you who somehow have supported me to this very day when the YouTube subscriptions passed 2000. I chose this song since it already has much nostalgia and melancholy of a passed time in it, filled with memories and emotions brought forth by its harmonies and atmopsphere. Perhaps the reason for some of you is because you managed to complete Mario Kart 64 and got this wonderful music as a reward while watching the camera fly through tunnels and caves, over fields and hills, over railways and roads. I get very nostalgic to this music, though I didn't hear this song that many times, it manage to drag some long gone memories from deep inside, making me really emotional. I hope you feel the same! I wanted to keep relatively close to the original, only spicing it up a bit. It goes for two rounds with a bonus section at each end (which I think you will recognize from the Rainbow Road theme in Mario Kart 64) , and a middle section that kind of takes you down to a lower frequency adding more chords to get some exta feel. The intro is very inspired by the typical 80s music and modern retrowave music, slowly building up with soft pads, topped by a high tuned pluck, and then accompanied by a gentle bass before the main sections kick in. I just came to think of that I've only used Mario Kart remixes for my anniversaries, and that I unconsciously did it again. Ooops, I did it again, right. But nothing wrong with that I guess! However I think it will be a longer delay until my next anniversary arrives, since I've decided it will be whenever, or if I ever reach 5000 (!!) subscribers. By then I will have another poll with suggestions for the anniversary remix. Well, the rest of this song's details I'll leave to you to discover for yourselves. There are plenty of small things happening! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING ME AND KEEP LISTENING TO MY REMIXES AND COVERS, it means the world to me! This is my absolute favourite thing to do while having a little time over after the rest of my family goes to sleep. Hey, you very good! See you next time! /Neon X
  7. https://youtu.be/Z7GlCNi5ddg This particular theme from MK64 have been a hard nut to crack, I've been listening to it now and then for almost a year and I always thought I wasn't ready to remix/cover it. However, I recently decided to give it a shot now when almost all MM3 remixes are completed (one left). I knew early in the working with this that I wanted to put the Super Mario World Castle theme in here in some way. It presents itself at 2:23, I recommend you to listen to the whole song though and you'll see that this part really adds to the entirety of it. The atmosphere of that part is quite inspired by a theme you can hear in Unreal Tournament 2004 - the map called Tokara Forest. As you've probably heard by now, I'm using a new snare drum. I wanted to try a more modern electronic snare for once. I've used that 80s power snare for long now. Please tell me what you think of it compared to my standard snare drum. In the intro I'm also using some percussive indian skin drums (like traditional indian world music) I kept the content of the song at a minimalistic level, no solos, minimum amount of melodies, atmosphere at a high level. And I hope the listeners can somewhat can fall into the atmosphere of this and let the tone and chords speak for themselves. As I write this I have listened many hours to this remix (I finished it early and wanted to get in the proper mood for changes and adjustments), and it really gives me vibes I haven't got in any other of my remixes. The overall atmosphere in this remix is very infinite I would say. I thought of a huge alien space facility/fortress/castle, where Bowser sits on the throne ruling a distant planet (the video art I used says much about that atmosphere). By thinking that way I decided to give it the name of Alien Koopa Castle, silly maybe, but compared to just Koopa Castle it says so much more. The monstrous scream is the original sound of Bowser from MK64 but with added reverb and volume, mandatory for any remix of this song The video art took a great deal of time for this video. Even if I only added the Bowser castle to it, the time and effort for making it fit in colors, shape, lightning took me like 4-5 hours (yes, it's way more than usual). The castle itself was taken from another artwork where it stands on a cliff surrounded by floating lava, and if you look at the castle in my art there is a white/light blue liquid pouring out, that's originally lava as well. Thanks to Photoshop and a lot of pixel by pixel erasing I managed to get it to fit the rest of the background smoothly. Thanks for listening, and reading (if you made it here)! If this kind of remix style is appreciated I'm definitely doing more, was a lot of fun. It was almost like therapy thanks to the atmospheric take, a very unique experience for me.
  8. https://youtu.be/YvjoqAdVXh4 This is the winner from my 1k sub special remix poll which won with a whopping 50% among 4 other remixes. I thought this would be an easy theme to just remix and go with flow as I sat there transcribing and arranging it - but no. There are many "empty" sections in the original that I believe weighs up by actually driving this course so I had to come up with something more interesting. I'm not sure I succeeded, but I added some extras at the end of all melody lines, put different chords and some lesser FX between melodies with the help of the same synth that's playing the solo at 1:44. The solo and chord progression behind it is very inspired by the music of Pat Metheny which I listened a lot to back in the days. I thought a more melodic jazz section would fit nice to this song. I also wanted the beat to just go in this remix, never stop, only keep that pace to maintain groove and race feel. The intro was made with a sampled sound of someone sitting in a car accelerating with an automatic transmission (I think). Then I made the first line of music sounding like it would play in a bad car stereo. The brake FX is sampled from Mario Kart 64 along with all voices you can hear of Toad throughout the remix. I only pitch his scream a couple of times. After the solo section at 2:12 I put some different chords on the melody sections which gives them a more interesting approach, I also slightly adjusted the original melodies. The end is meant to represent the culminating last sprint right before the finish line in a race. Other than that, this is probably my top 2 favourite song from Mario Kart 64, along with the Rainbow Road theme. Really love the atmosphere and feeling of free drive when actually playing this course. There is certainly a special feeling when driving by night, it makes me think of synthwave, neon lights and really chill music.
  9. My remix of 'Peach Beach' and 'Daisy Cruiser' from the best Mario Kart game, Double Dash. A GameCube classic. After remaking the first half, I mixed in a little bit of Sherbet Land, Title Theme, Rainbow Road, Yoshi's Island, and finally a little bit of the Race Won music at the end. Hope you can enjoy it! I'm interested in submitting this here; please let me know if this meets the requirements. -Juke Original:
  10. Update: I'm working on a Mario Kart Medley for my achievement of 7k plays on Soundcloud. It's gonna include 4 of my favorite Rainbow Road tracks (DS, GC, 3DS, 64). This is the DS version. Some feedback would be nice in terms of what I could do better, what could change, etc. Source:
  11. Hey guys, It's been forever since I've made a proper remix. This one is definitely leaning towards more of a remake than a more traditional OCReMix so I don't think this would ever be able to be submitted. As the song progresses there's a bit more variation and deviation from the original tune. Over this was sort of a project to get me back into the swing of things. I think I really do need to submit a proper remix one day though. Either way, I'm looking for criticism on this I guess more on the mixing side of things. But any criticism is welcomed. Thanks for listening! ~Syllix
  12. Hey guys, just submitted something I've been working on for a while. Couldn't get the Rainbow Road theme out of my head so decided it was time to take the guitar to it and do a cover. https://youtu.be/0iFy4PJ35aI
  13. This is also the same music played in the Yoshi Valley race track. This is the original music: When I was a kid, my brothers and I would race on this track all the time. Part of the reason was that the music was just so crazy and energetic. The course itself is also rather chaotic, with the moles popping up in several parts of the track. There was never a dull moment. We could never play this course without laughing our heads off. I would like a remix that captures all of the chaos and energy that the original music and race track has. I'm not very familiar with styles of music, so the best way I can describe what I'm looking for is to say that I would like it to sound as "redneck" as possible (include the banjo or something like that). As long as the music is energetic, chaotic, and perhaps even a little bit comedic, I would be satisfied.
  14. So a producer I like by the name of Raisi K dropped a few samples that are open for people to make a beat on or rap over. Long story short about an hour or so after I saw em, I made this. Feel free to tell me how trash I am.
  15. Hey OC Remix folks! We are DrKrake vs Jellyfish. We've been remixing video game music for quite a while (since 2009), but never really felt the itch to submit anything to OC Remix. Instead, we had a short-lived run on Newgrounds and mostly only uploaded our tracks on YouTube on random occasions. For this Christmas, we decided to release all of our stuff in a big free package and did so in the Super Musical Entertainment System! It's a massive collection of 33 tracks spanning various electronic music genres - trance, goa, house, hardstyle, and everything inbetween. You can grab it (for free, of course) on Bandcamp: drkrakevsjellyfish.bandcamp.com Most (but not quite all) tracks are VGM remixes. As a little special for the OC Remix forum, I'd like to list all tracks with their original sources: 147 (Intro) - not a remix, but uses samples from F-Zero X (N64) and Nagano Winter Olympics '98 (N64) Welcome to Marihuana Kart - trancy remix of the Mario/Luigi/Royal Raceway themes from Mario Kart 64 (N64) Voll Auf Stern - short remix of the infamous Starman tune from many many Mario games Fuckin' Party - hardstyle-ish remix based on the Cameroon theme in Super Soccer (SNES) Snowland - trance-ish remix of the Frappe Snowland theme from Mario Kart 64 (N64) Finish Line - trancy remix of the Mario Circuit theme from Super Mario Kart (SNES) Super Club Bros - housy remix of the infamous main theme of Super Mario Bros (NES) Ein Erfolg - short remix of the Level Clear theme from Super Mario Bros (NES) Romanina - trancy remix based on the Romania theme in Super Soccer (SNES), uses Nina's voice sample from Tekken 3 (PSX) Stellungswechsel - short remix of the Change Court theme from Super Tennis (SNES) Tor für Deutschland - football goal theme based on the Ireland (nope, not Germany ) theme in Super Soccer (SNES) Clowns R Funneh - not a VGM remix, but a remix of the Clown College theme from The Simpsons Archives - psytrance-ish remix of the Archives theme from Goldeneye (N64) How High Can You Get? (Level 1) - psychedelic remix of the Level 1 theme from Donkey Kong (Arcade) A - remix of the A theme from Tetris (Gameboy) Halbzeit - short remix of the Half Time theme from Super Soccer (SNES) Viererkette - trancy remix of the Denmark theme from Super Formation Soccer 2 (SNES) Crackman - short remix of the intro theme from Pacman (Arcade) How High Can You Get? (Level 2) - psychedelic remix of the Level 2 theme from Donkey Kong (Arcade) Headin' For Las Vegas - not a VGM remix, original track using samples from the Beavis & Butthead movie Samstag Nacht - not a VGM remix, completely original house track Omnitopia - new beat remix of the Omnitopia theme from Secret Of Evermore (SNES) (no Square Enix samples are being used) Cruisn' Datteln - mostly original house track based on the House Special theme from Cruisn' USA (N64) How High Can You Get? (Level 3) - a... "remix" of the Level 3 theme (yeah, right) from Donkey Kong (Arcade) How High Can You Get? (Level 4) - psychedelic of the Level 4 theme from Donkey Kong (Arcade) Zum Mond - remix of the second moon level theme from Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (Gameboy) Six Golden Coins - remix of the intro level theme from Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (Gameboy) Yoshi! - remix of the scoreboard theme from Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island (SNES) The Party Never Ends - remix of the Belgium theme from Super Soccer (SNES) Maverick - fast trancy remix of the theme from Dr. Wily's Castle in Mega Man 2 (Gameboy) Mouse Maze - short remix of the stage 1 theme from the Mouse Maze minigame in Fun 'N' Games (SNES) Sonic The Nitzhog - nitzho-goa-ish remix of the bonus stage theme in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega Genesis) Endgegner - hardstyle-ish remix of the Bowser battle theme from Super Mario 64 (N64) We hope you enjoy this album and would be happy about any feedback! A very Merry Christmas!
  16. I remember hearing this remix, it is Mario Kart 64 for sure and uses a sample of Toad's banana hit scream repeating: It's a pretty fast paced song I wanna say dub step or trap in nature, later in the song it uses audio samples of Wario laughing as well later in the track. I have seen it in a few youtube videos (which I cannot find anymore) in joke MLG montages. Thing that sparked my interest was I was at Phoenix ComiCon this past Saturday in a tournament and they played it over the sound system in the tournament room and now it's stuck in my head again. please help, thanks EDIT: Found it, Aylen - Mvrio Kvrt Also the Youtube videos were the intro to ETC TUGS
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