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  1. Yessss love the chunky beats. To make it proper raveup you could increase the volume of the main theme a lot (when it comes in at 0:46) - then also it could build up to it a little more at 2:44. Are you going to submit it?
  2. IdleJohn

    1. work-in-progress Unreal - Surfacing

    Thanks for all your feedback! Really useful, and I agree with everything you said. I've done a whole lot more work on it since, trying to make all the sounds sit better and a done lot of general polish. I've let go of my loudness obsession a bit, as it was definitely affecting the track negatively. The only thing I haven't done is reduce the bass (I'm on a [so far unsuccessful] quest for fatness ) It's probably still too similar to the original, but I think that's just going to be the way it is with this one. I'm trying out because soundcloud has started to annoy me. Unfortunately that means no embed Thanks again for your help, you definitely broke the wall I'd hit.
  3. A remix I've been trying to do for ages and this is as close as I've ever got to completion. I'm still fairly new to music production though, so it's all been a learning experience so far. It would be great to get some fresh ears on it as I feel like I've spent more time on mixing than I have on arranging now, and I'm getting sick of listening to it! The thing I'm struggling with most is getting it loud enough compared to other tracks. I think it's about right now but I really pushed the levels way further than I wanted to... Anyway dis is eeeet: And the original: All feedback appreciated