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  1. I fucking loved it, seriously. 10 out of 10. Celts/Picts > Romans I believe my quest to find the most hard-core OCR mix is over.
  2. I <3 U Mustin I like this song so much I'm trying to tab it out so I can play it too. I just need to find a sax, harmonica, woodblock, flute, and maracca player, and learn to play the guitar.
  3. I love this song, it's got to be at least my second favorite (after Star Selzman's own Incredible Singing Robot). I keep playing seconds 24-28 over and over again to here that great transistion. Seriously 10 out of 10.
  4. Goddamnit, I love this song. The voice, the tweaking, the drums, the echo... I would listen to a whole CD in this style. I wish I had that voice...
  5. In Guardian Legend, the second or third tentacle eyeball is more than evil. He is some kind of omnipotent turbo monster. He's lays down field after field of those green rods that kill you in two hits. He's just not fair. Second hardest boss is Velius from FFT, at least if Velius is the four-armed goat man with the demon coharts. Because of him I'm stuck on my second run through the game. Yes, I've tried using summoners with Lich, but he's clever enough to kill them on the first turn.
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