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  1. Thank you for the feedback, I'll play around with the bass drum and see if I can bring it more into the mix. And glad you feel my remix is unique, I certainly haven't really come across a take like this on the tune.
  2. Badass tracks, man. Looking forward to hearing it with the live guitars if you guys get the collab working!
  3. I played through Super Metroid again recently (I do so frequently in fact) and felt it would be fun to do a sort of dark and industrial remix of the Red Soil Brinstar theme. I'm curious what you guys think, so here's a link to the current WIP version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/339uxzexjjcywmr/Zone Tripper - Crushing Depth (Brinstar Red Remix) master.mp3?dl=0 And of course, the original arrangement: Let me know what you think! I'm worried it stays too close to the original theme and I might have to add some more variations to it, but on the other hand I'm scared of kind
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