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  1. I'd like to take on Beruga. I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it, are we supposed to spend money on the track? I might need some custom fills for the intro/outro, just various sound effects.
  2. Apparently! But hell, accidents happen, I guess. Hoping I found the right one, I think...Sorry this became a burden, could have sworn it was OCRemix. Might have been Martin Denk, looking at what he's got...
  3. Seemingly, all material before 2009 has gone missing. I'm trying to find a particular album, made for the game Terranigma, and was hoping to perhaps find an archive. Is there a reason I cannot find this material? Hope I can get the help I need. Thanks!
  4. Hello! Just saying hi, I was looking for an old Terranigma OCRemix album when I stumbled onto the forums, but I still haven't found it. Was thinking of staying, wouldn't mind getting to know the community better. Maybe someone here has it archived? This was at least 10 years ago...Not a big fan of the newer remixes. Anyway, cheers!
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