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  1. Poimandres

    Paths Less Travelled: Terranigma **ON HIATUS**

    I'd like to take on Beruga. I've got a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it, are we supposed to spend money on the track? I might need some custom fills for the intro/outro, just various sound effects.
  2. Poimandres

    Hey, what's good?

    Apparently! But hell, accidents happen, I guess. Hoping I found the right one, I think...Sorry this became a burden, could have sworn it was OCRemix. Might have been Martin Denk, looking at what he's got...
  3. Poimandres

    Hey, what's good?

    Seemingly, all material before 2009 has gone missing. I'm trying to find a particular album, made for the game Terranigma, and was hoping to perhaps find an archive. Is there a reason I cannot find this material? Hope I can get the help I need. Thanks!
  4. Poimandres

    Hey, what's good?

    Hello! Just saying hi, I was looking for an old Terranigma OCRemix album when I stumbled onto the forums, but I still haven't found it. Was thinking of staying, wouldn't mind getting to know the community better. Maybe someone here has it archived? This was at least 10 years ago...Not a big fan of the newer remixes. Anyway, cheers!