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  1. I only come in this thread to vent my frustration for the lack of hunter talents. HUNTER TALENTS.
  2. oic. it's fine, l2play with good hunters (ie: get in a real guild). On my journey as a hunter, I've had a priest ask me to rez him, a warlock ask me to make him water, and a warrior tell me I would be using mend pet as main heals because hunters "aren't a DPS class." Also: I was bored.
  3. hunter talents hunter talents. hunter talents! HUNTER TALENTS! HUNTER TALENTS!
  4. I'm using Fruityloops and I have the effects window open. I have Fruity Free Filter selected. I can change around the frequency as I please, but what I want to know is how can I set it so that the frequency will be at one point in the song and at another setting later on in the song?
  5. Culex was friggin awesome. He wasn't so hard as he was fun. Shredder from TMNTII: The Arcade Game was pretty hard if you didn't have a second player. That move where he turns you back into wee turtles, the one hit KO, ultimate in cheapness. Dark Falz from PSO may have already been said, but I'm saying it again if so. On normal mode he is easy, but his fourth phase that appears in hard mode is just vicious. Yay for Moon Atomizers! That's the only reason why he is even defeatable.
  6. Quick and easy question: When using the piano roll, is there anyway to make triplet notes?
  7. Piano, trumpet, pads.... i.e. whatever you are actually writting for. What the sound is.
  8. Question going out to all: right now I have Fruityloops as a demo software. And frankly, the voice selection sucks. It won't let me use a great number of the voices because it is a demo version, and a lot of voices I would expect to find, I can't. So basically I'm wondering, (yes I plan on buying the full version), if that is only because it is a demo, or if I'm supposed to download different voices from somewhere. Thanks!
  9. Here's a simple question that'll probably have a simple answer. Let's say I want a sound to continue on long, maybe make it a whole note or whatever. How can I do that? Basically, how can I tie the beats together?