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  1. Nice job! Rotten Eggplant is right, however - this is a cover, not a remix. You've clearly put a lot of work into staying true to the original and making the song sound good, but the end result is a great reproduction instead of an OC ReMix-ready track. Look closely at 4.2 (Arrangement) at http://ocremix.org/info/Submission_Standards_and_Instructions and experiment with the listed suggestions if you want to make this a remix instead of a cover. I applaud you for trying a new genre. Creating in unfamiliar ways isn't always easy! As far as the Latin elements are concerned, you need more percussion and layered rhythms. I didn't hear the version with the "10 different percussive elements" and so don't know what the problem there was, but that sounds like the right idea. The rhythm section alone should be interesting to listen to, so add and remove instruments as the song changes sections and modify the remaining rhythms appropriately. Castanets, cabasas, maracas, guiros, claves, bongos, and congas are all extremely common in Latin music. A few separate but overlapping notes about the compositional aspects: The ending is very abrupt. The first time I heard it, I thought the video had paused to buffer. That blank spot would be great for a percussion moment or a guitar/trumpet solo, or if you want the moment of silence, let the sound breathe into the silence with a touch of reverb. Heavyarms83 is completely right about the dynamics, but it's not just the rhythmic instruments that need it - the whole track is lacking dynamic variation. Each time a section repeats, it's the exact same as the last time we heard it. If you're not going to add new depth (such as a countermelody) or change how it feels (such as using a different melodic instrument), why are you repeating it? Due to the identical repetitions and lack of dynamics, the shape of the track is very flat, resulting in no climax and seemingly no direction or end goal. Pick a focal point and build everything else up to it; music needs it just as much as a film or novel. Adding shape to the track can also help make the ending less abrupt since the listener feels as if they've gone somewhere. I hope the above comments are useful. If any don't make sense, feel free to ask for clarification and I'll do my best. Again, nice job on this fun Zelda piece!
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