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  1. Actually, taking that into account; if they did port it to the 360 would they change out all the Apple stuff for Microsoft stuff?
  2. I know, MGST stands for Metal Gear Solid: Time Paradox.
  3. Ft. Lauderdale Florida normally. Right now I exist in a college within Ontario, Toronto though.
  4. Hm, the roader actually reminds me of the enemies from Mach Rider for the NES...
  5. A new digital camera with a case and 1 gb memory card for my mom. A swarovski crystal bear and black sheep for my mom as well since she collects those things. A bottle of Trappiste Rochefort 10 for a friend. Some dog treats for my dog. And that's it... well I got a few small things for some other friends but otherwise that's all since I'm officially broke now. It's like this every year, after the holidays I'm so broke that if you try to rob me you'll get an IOU.
  6. A 2007 mustang. A 5 day trip to Niagra Falls Canada with my family (which I am currently experiencing). A shotglass from Venezuela from a friend. A "beer trade" *every holiday me and a friend exchange a bottle of beer with each other. And a leather jacket along with some new pants. And some other stuff that a few friends who traveled out of country picked up for me.
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