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  1. A great remix by Archaneon to Alien 3 Main theme, although I wasn't aware of the original track before this remix I think is an improvement! I really love the new sounds and arrangements! Especially the change of scale to a more optimistic one. Probably you would love it too!
  2. REDUKED: Duke Nukem OST Remixed. Deluxe Edition. Hi everyone! it's been a while since I posted something here, but I'm glad to announce my new remix album: REDUKED. Deluxe Edition. REDUKED is a electronic musical journey through Duke Nukem Universe. One track from the album has been featured here. Now I'm releasing the whole thing as a double album with 10 tracks each. DOWNLOAD Specifications: 24 BIT Stereo 48,000Hz Remasterized tracks. Normalized to -13 LUFS DB to prevent ear fatigue. I'm not asking any specific price for download, because I'm not the author of the original tracks (credits goes for Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince) Although any donations wouldn't hurt, especially to support future original music releases Thanks guys, for all the support and encouragement, I hope you enjoy it.
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