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  1. Ah, wow, I wasn't even into OCRemix back when unmod was around. I just recently got into it and am enjoying the many years of dedication. Kinda sad I missed out on the community during its hay-day, but the nostalgia is so strong here I almost feel like a part of it. I really find this community to be quite the interesting one and I hope it continues to thrive once more.
  2. Um, I have no idea why, but that somehow worked and I am now able to play it. Thank you! I am quite the fan of this whole site and its operations. If I run into anything else in the torrents or anything else I'll be sure to report it. Thank you for your time and for the music. I'll just go back to listening to the music now.
  3. I know this is an older album, but track #17, "17 Omigadrive feat. Viking Guitar - Veneficus Mens Mentis - Variations on a Theme of Simon (Poison Mind, Simon Belmont's Theme)", in Vampire Variations Volume I Torrent there is a .FLA format in the FLAC folder and an .MP3 in the MP3 folder rather than .flac as the rest in the FLAC folder and .MP3 rather than .mp3 as the rest in the MP3 folder. This makes it unable to play it while it is opened the rest of the folder in VLC Player. I can still open and play it individually, just not when bulk opening the folder into VLC Player. Any tips or help as to fix this? An amazing album by the way!
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