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  1. Hi just wanted to post some new songs I've made here. Is there any way you think I can make them sound better? I'm happy with my writing but not very good at production (yet!). Thanks!
  2. I just thought I add to this one, in regards to point 6: not writing a track around a melody. I find it best in the writing stage to write many aspects of the song quickly, then flesh it out into a full arrangement later. I'm a pianist and I almost always write by making a recording (on my iphone) with myself playing to a metronome, playing chords with my left hand and melody with my right. This gets down the rhythm (in an extremely limited fashion), harmony and melody. I'll then make a note of what instruments I will use. Then finally I spend some time in front of the DAW and make the thing. Writing from a drums and bass seems very strange to me. I tend to think of what emotion I want the piece to convey. Melody and harmony are the most effective way to reach this. Thank you guys, I've learnt so much from this thread:).
  3. Gosh thank you! Yes definately not real instruments. I only play piano and guitar. But my guitar's at my Dad's house so for now I'm just stuck wih the keys. I've previously just been using piano and synth sounds, only recently have I been trying to make accoustic instrument sounds with samples. I didn't consider the sustaining of the guitar, you would have be a great player to be muting like I am there lol. I also need to work on the strings more. I'll start with trying to increase the release and try out some different articulations in certain parts. I'll post some more here in future and give others a listen to see if there is any way I can help.
  4. Hi, I am posting as I am hoping to one day write for movies, tv or games and would like some feedback to let me know if I'm getting anywhere. Pls be brutal enough so I learn, but not so much that I get discourged:) Thanks!!