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  1. This is just as good as your DKC one! You've got the kind of style of classic British game composers like David Wise and Russell Shaw, this remix of Midna's Lament feels like a mashup of those two guys coming together to make a Zelda soundtrack and I love it.
  2. If there is one soundtrack that hits me right, it's DKC1. And I've heard great and not-so-great remixes of songs from it. But this one... Ooh boy I didn't want it to end. Probably gonna put it on repeat for a bit...
  3. I was watching The Completionist one night and saw him mention OCRemix so I came to check it out. Since we had just finished up our Let's Play of Shining Force II on our channel, I figured I'd see what dank remixes from that game were on here but was dismayed to find that there were none! I tweeted my displeasure but then today, OCRemix sent a tweet back with this remix! And it is GLORIOUS! I really like it.
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