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    Missing Tracks and suggestions

    That is bad news for me, as that defeats the point of 1-3000 collection. I have downloaded it and since December, I have slowly listened one by one, deciding what I like and what I do not. Usually more times each track, as I was undecided if I like it or not. Now I just need to find a way how to download only those songs which aren't in the 1-3000 collection. (or 3001-XXXX collection). Any idea, anyone?
  2. Martyrius

    Missing Tracks and suggestions

    OK, good to know. I am still new to the inner workings of the site. So: 1)Those album only songs aren't considered as OCRemix, if they won't pass through the panel? (either because the artist won't submit them or they won't pass) 2)When downloading the 1-3000 big torrent, there is 2829 songs + 1 readme file (I was counting it crudely, so the number may differ), which I read somewhere here on forums that it's OK, some songs were lost, or badly numbered ... so I cannot find them anywhere else, right? 3)Here in this thread: there is a comment by user "Liontamer" so I will have to download those albums one by one and have a look at MP3tag? Or this "Original album" tag visible somewhere here on pages before downloading?
  3. Martyrius

    Missing Tracks and suggestions

    Yeah, I would like to ask that as well. I like OCRemix, it's a good thing. But a lot of music genres presented in those songs I just don't like - mostly trance, techno, hip hop and those electronic ones. So I wanted to download the package of 1-3000 and select amongst them those I like. But as Zye said - not all songs are there. And when looking at individual albums, then searching some songs from albums (on webpage), they are not there. They are not in 1-3000 torrent either. My question is ... why? Example - just first album in album list - 25YEARLEGEND: A Legend of Zelda Indie Game Composer Tribute There are 18 songs on this album and just 8 (or so) of them are featured on the site as individual songs. So the only way to get them (on OCRemix) is to download this specific album. I suppose it's the same with other albums as well - having songs which are to be found only there. P.S - Common, you will only find certain songs when typing the search query EXTREMELY correct, such as (which is not good). Hoy, small fry - will find it vs Hoy Small Fry - won't find it