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  1. Thanks for the support guys! I'm speaking to some people who can help me out, writing up a pr, and gonna get this thing off the ground.
  2. I agree with you in saying that currently the only ways we have of making sure we get the best quality is either to pay the musicians or to know them personally well enough that they'll be able to do it for free as a passion project. In music school, I was taught that even though we enjoy what we're doing, we have spent money to get schooling and training, and that we have the professionalism necessary in order to charge money for our services. Well, I can certainly offer my services as a transcriber, engraver, arranger, violinist, and orchestrator. If anyone would like to personally con
  3. Alright, thanks for the awesome input! I'm going to try and coordinate a start of the kind of community I'm envisioning. Not through this platform, because that doesn't really make sense, but perhaps through a new website or something. I'll figure out details and other things and I'll post on this forum post where to find me/us when it's up and running. Thank you guys so much for the valuable feedback!
  4. Thanks for your input. I guess I thought this community was large enough to support 30-50 full-time musicians through this. And yes, I'm talking about professionals such as myself, my colleagues from music school, and those with an extensive music education who don't usually work for free doing some of these kinds of gigs. Maybe I should reach out to larger composer-based communities and forums instead?
  5. Think about it this way: This allows for an arranger to have a string quartet of live-recorded parts to their specifications for $20 or so.. $5 per player. It would be up to the arranger to write out the parts neatly enough and articulately and as unambiguously as possible in order for the musicians to play it. Maybe start-up a forum of submissions to be checked to be ready to record or not. These "cheap" musicians would be in demand, so they wouldn't have a ton of time to look over parts to start out with, so having a couple of string players on-staff to make sure the parts are read
  6. Hello OverClocked ReMix users, arrangers, musicians, fans, and everyone else reading this, I'm a little new to the site, but not new to the community. I've worked with Materia Collective on numerous cover albums, and I'm a violinist and composer by profession. As I'm listening to more and more covers, I realize how much demand there is for live performers on these tracks. However, let's be honest, none of us have the money to hire live performers for all of our parts, and having mock-ups is acceptable here. That's where I was thinking: I'm a violinist, I could knock out about 10-15
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