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  1. Being an avid worshipper of the first Wild Arm's game, I'd say you've done what most haven't been able to do, and that is to capture the flavour of the actual town in the game. I remember Rosetta being a bustling trade city, and definitely, this beat suits it very well. Excellent work, and thank you for the references to the Wild Arm's main theme, just for wonderfully nostalgic feelings. And very good harmonizing, especially evident at (I know it's the same harmonization riff, but it's especially clear here and achieves a hell of a great effect for a short percussion pause) and slightly beyond
  2. Very epic and very grandoise. Perfect for overtures right after let's say, some sentimental scene in a medieval setting, or perhaps some other scene. (You know, the ones where you're flying around gazing at nature with the camera.) Or the kind where it's just the main character venturing into a sacred holy temple or something to that extent. Excellent timings, injects a hell lot of emotion into it. Mystical, intriguing, addictive and as dj pretzel mentioned, the arrangement is perfect. Wonderfully moving piece.
  3. This mix is GOOD. Definitely... Though it is a little too short to be really fantastic. Good points first, starting with the intro, you know I know that the effect was intended to be mystical, and indeed it was. Very enchanting, especially with the... what do you call them? The instruments backing the classical guitar besides the flutes (the flutes make those high pitched whole notes). Very, very like our dear Facintura... or however you spell that name. And considering that what we're talking about in that place is mystics, it definitely suits the aura that the song gives... in the intro. Af
  4. This is definitely something every guitarist can appreciate... However, as mentioned, there were some "bends" that made the notes sound out of tune. Especially at the "high notes", you can tell distinctively that it's not right. And it sort of gets old a little fast... Either that or that's just because the original mix was alot more tranquil. But then, great work overall, especially for the guitarist. Does sound a hell lot like a live performance guitar, but would probably be suited more for some pub/lounge band. 3/5
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