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  1. I really want to invest in Symphobia or Embertone plugins at some point but can't afford it right now, I have Ableton suite though which includes basic orchestral samples (the solo instruments sound very fake though.) For piano I have the Addictive Keys Grand (came free with my soundcard) which is okay, and the Ableton grand which is about the same quality. I've made a little demo here, any tips on how I can make the instruments sound juicier and more natural (besides playing with the velocities)? I'm struggling to get used to mixing/producing this sort of soundworld!
  2. Produced these up over the last couple of days. Made using a combination of Serum and Loom in Ableton. Would love to get some feedback and advice, thanks for checking it out.
  3. This is absolutely beautiful! One of my favourite VGM songs ever. I'll be listening to this a lot. What are you using VST wise? The woodwinds/strings sound real!
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