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  1. I agree with Steele's comment. Good job, this is a pretty cool track! I particularly like the section from 1:50 onward.
  2. Updated the track; a lot of overall sound changes to make everything balance a little better.. Should be easier to listen to now. I also added a Voice for the Lon Lon ranch part, and changed the 'fade out' ending to a normal one. I used the little jingle that plays whenever you first started the mission, or add a new significant member to the town.
  3. Thanks! All the instruments are Kontakt plugins.
  4. My remix and remake of 'Lurelin Village', from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. While this game didn't have as many memorable music pieces as other Zelda games, it definitely had a few that stuck out to me, and this is one of them. The second time around, I added in some themes from Kokiri Forest, as well as Zelda and Aryll. Hope you can relax and enjoy! Ambience from CosyClothes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7J_pYhCK04 -Juke
  5. My remix and remake of 'Welcome to Wonderland', from Kingdom Hearts. I used some parts of the piano piece as a baseline, and added from there. Also added in just a little bit of the Traverse Town theme; I thought it mixed in well. -Juke
  6. Updated the link with the newer version: took away a little bit of the reverb and bass.
  7. Thanks, I'll tune it down a little when I make the youtube version; hopefully it'll sound clearer!
  8. My remix of 'Peach Beach' and 'Daisy Cruiser' from the best Mario Kart game, Double Dash. A GameCube classic. After remaking the first half, I mixed in a little bit of Sherbet Land, Title Theme, Rainbow Road, Yoshi's Island, and finally a little bit of the Race Won music at the end. Hope you can enjoy it! I'm interested in submitting this here; please let me know if this meets the requirements. -Juke Original:
  9. My remake of Hateno Village from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with just a touch of Kakariko Village and Zelda's Theme added in.
  10. All, I've recently made a remake of Ocarina of Time's 'Lon Lon Ranch', trying to recreate it with same style as the Symphonic Version made from Nintendo and the Reorchestrated version from ZREO. Here's the 'no vocals' version if anyone out there wanted to hum/sing along. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pSrI3_gWl80Au0F_OgCK3MA57wULWY6v If anyone out there is interested in actually recording yourself, please feel free and let me know if you want me to make some changes (quieter parts, different instrumentation, etc). I've already uploaded my version, so this is really just to see if someone out there wants to use my backgrounds and sing their own version. Here's mine with [fake] vocals, for comparison: I've taken out the unique ZREO section (around 1:38 onward) for the no vocals version, but can easily add it back if desired. It's currently un-mastered, but I figured I might as well share here first and see if anyone in interested before mastering it with the fake voice. Thanks, -Juke
  11. Thanks for taking the time to review! I've submitted to the site; in the time it takes for any judges to look at it, I'll see if I can go back and look at ending the piece vs fadeout. I left it originally as a fade out because I'm planning on doing an extended 30 min version, and I want to add in a few more themes with it.
  12. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bQ-CZY9qukbgGh2OKiw0EEHCRpqKnvOj
  13. Updated track with a video; I made the recorders a little bit softer and the Majora's Mask a little bit less intrusive by removing the cello.
  14. Really cool remix! The synth lead when the drums kick in sounds especially good.
  15. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. My complaint about Tarrey Town: I really wished you could've built your home there, instead of Hateno. It would've been YOUR village then. They could have even given you the choice of where to build it on the pillar too. Even better, (had the game had a better story element), the Marriage event could've been you x Zelda/Paya/whoever after you built your house and the town. A romance element could've made the game so much better imo.