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  1. My remix and remake of "Home Sweet Home" from Earthbound or Mother 2. This game doesn't hold any nostalgia for me, as I've never played it, but the song really does. I think I first heard it on Josiah Everhart's channel, and I've loved the tune ever since. Hopefully, I was able to add a fresh and relaxing take on it, and you can enjoy it as much as I do. -Juke
  2. Beautifully made! Strong but clear music; I don't think I've heard this tune remade anything quite like this.
  3. My remix and remake of of Lake Floria, from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Based on Dr. Pez's guitar cover. This piece never actually really stood out to me in the game, however, I heard Dr. Pez's cover of it a few years ago and it's stuck with me ever since. Hope you can enjoy my take on it and find it relaxing! -Juke
  4. My remake of "Traverse Town" from the PS2 game Kingdom Hearts. Just like my previous KH remake, I used the piano collections version as the base, and tried to add on from there. Hope you enjoy it! Kingdom Hearts has a lot of great music in it, both upbeat and emotional. This one is probably my favorite upbeat tune. -Juke
  5. Sounds great! I'm more of a jazz listener, not a composer, so I can't really critique you properly at all. But from a listening standpoint, I really enjoyed it! The voice is beautiful. And the rest of the playing is fantastic, its sounds realistic, so kudos to you if you arranged and/or played it.
  6. My remake of my favorite track from Majora's Mask: Astral Observatory. I added a few extra themes from the game as well: Clocktown, Fairy Fountain/Select Screen, Song of Time, Tatl and Tael, and Calling the Giants. This theme always stuck out to me in the game. It always felt magical walking into this area. I hope that I could recreate some of that feeling,and that you enjoy the remake! Let me know what you think, and where I can improve. -Juke
  7. I agree with Steele's comment. Good job, this is a pretty cool track! I particularly like the section from 1:50 onward.
  8. Updated the track; a lot of overall sound changes to make everything balance a little better.. Should be easier to listen to now. I also added a Voice for the Lon Lon ranch part, and changed the 'fade out' ending to a normal one. I used the little jingle that plays whenever you first started the mission, or add a new significant member to the town.
  9. Thanks! All the instruments are Kontakt plugins.
  10. My remix and remake of 'Lurelin Village', from the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. While this game didn't have as many memorable music pieces as other Zelda games, it definitely had a few that stuck out to me, and this is one of them. The second time around, I added in some themes from Kokiri Forest, as well as Zelda and Aryll. Hope you can relax and enjoy! Ambience from CosyClothes: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7J_pYhCK04 -Juke
  11. My remix and remake of 'Welcome to Wonderland', from Kingdom Hearts. I used some parts of the piano piece as a baseline, and added from there. Also added in just a little bit of the Traverse Town theme; I thought it mixed in well. -Juke
  12. Updated the link with the newer version: took away a little bit of the reverb and bass.
  13. Thanks, I'll tune it down a little when I make the youtube version; hopefully it'll sound clearer!
  14. My remix of 'Peach Beach' and 'Daisy Cruiser' from the best Mario Kart game, Double Dash. A GameCube classic. After remaking the first half, I mixed in a little bit of Sherbet Land, Title Theme, Rainbow Road, Yoshi's Island, and finally a little bit of the Race Won music at the end. Hope you can enjoy it! I'm interested in submitting this here; please let me know if this meets the requirements. -Juke Original:
  15. My remake of Hateno Village from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with just a touch of Kakariko Village and Zelda's Theme added in.