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  1. Believe me I tried. But the result made it stand out too much
  2. A simple renaissance style remake of the Castle Town/Hyrule Market theme from The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Based on the lutes and recorders, but I added a little liberty with some background strings and modern woodwinds. When I hear this melody, I picture the town and it's fountain; adventure and exploration. If my remake makes you want to run up next to the market musicians and start dancing I've done my job. Koji Kondo made a seriously catchy tune with this one. Hope my version captured some of that magic.
  3. A simple remake of one of the most beautiful themes in gaming. Pretty true to the original with a few gentle touches. I used 'Enter Zelda' as the intro and 'Ocarina of Time' as the outro, since I plan on making the credits theme soon. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Soundcloud: A simple remake of one of my favorite Zelda tunes. Nothing crazy done in the remix; hope it brings back some good memories! -Juke
  5. My remix and remake of Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64, mixed with Sherbet Land from Mario Kart Double Dash (the best Mario kart).
  6. Sounds great for a first attempt at production. I'm not an expert in EQ myself, but EQ doesn't seem to be a problem in the current track. Unfortunately, I think that's because everything is a little quiet (not fully brought out). I'd recommend just playing around with EQ settings to try and get something that sounds best to you while not exceeding certain limits. FL Studio is a great DAW for production, imo.
  7. Thanks! Just submitted; I changed a few settings to try and get a cleaner sound, and made sure the ending fades out properly.
  8. Thanks! And I agree - I think this theme should've been brought back in BOTW or other games, maybe for a few unique houses at least.
  9. A simple and relaxing remake of Kakariko Village from the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. I turned it into something like a waltz, and added a touch of Zelda's theme. Hope you enjoy it! -Juke
  10. Hey all, I made a simple remake of one of my favorite tracks from Skyward Sword. I added Zelda's lullaby to the tune since it fit so well in my opinion. Hope you enjoy it! -Juke
  11. Hey everyone, I made a simple remake of one of my favorite tunes. I added in Zelda's theme as well, since it seemed to fit in well, and you also have to play Zelda's theme in OoT to summon the Great Fairies. Hope you enjoy it! -Juke
  12. Yes I do, you can download it on my SoundCloud for free! I believe its also in my GDrive folder, which on on the same page.