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  1. i also think that there games are overrated. But a few of my friend told me that the Wolf among us was an amazing game. I think it was an original IP from them and it bombed so maybe this is one reason why they focused on licenced games. But it seems that there was mismanagment too. In the german media there was an article stating that they had about 400 employes working on several games at some point. it was all a mess some said. I think they were inovators once when the first walking dead season came out but after that they failed to inovate further and stay fresh. I think there games were mostly aimed at casual gamers wich prefer adventure games. Now we know that this is not a market that can sustain a 400 man company xD.
  2. Hi Guys, this is yet another medley of the great Castlevania I. I would be greatfull for feedback :).