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  1. there is a lot of good in the competitions and many of them are lost in links that can not be opened, but please think about the idea of this torrent. it would be great to have more content to listen to and reuse. and on the discord I'm already enjoying it too and thanks for the attention and the dedication
  2. I imagine the difficulty lived by the site in some situations, and I also know that the glorious days are no longer as present as when they released "Maverick Rising" and "Double the Trouble" in the same year, that era was glorious even for those who like and live OcRemix's music is sad to see how time things have changed. on the forums, the last big presence I think it was in 2015 with "sigma fortress remix gauntlet" let's say that was a movement very well delivered to all. it would be very nice to be able to review all the dedication of former collaborators and see all the other people present on the site again. maybe a brief suggestion in the forums, it would be cool if they could create a mega torrent, with previous competitions, many of them are off the air, broken links and hard to find. but surely someone should have a lost copy of each content. this would liven up our panels a lot and would bring cheer for many competitors. finally I am a big fan and admirer of the long Oc, I live and breathe the site and everything that has been in it for a long time, I hope that this movement never loses its strength and that the days of glory are realized (apologies also for my weak English, I'm from Brazil so I'm using Google Translator to give an aid in many words kk, thank you)
  3. okay 2019 we are already seventh month, almost going to the eighth, and we only had 1 album on OcRemix this year? what's up? Lack of ideas for albums I know this does not, lack of remixers? I do not know, I miss the most active site, there are weeks that we barely have remixes, and when there are are repost of mixes that are already in albums released previously, please to the administrators, OcRemix needs to come back more active, do not leave the website die please. Sorry for that, but let's rekindle OcRemix from the old days.
  4. Anyone have a copy of FL Studio competition of jason convenant ?? I wanna listen this long time. Please need help
  5. just remembering that it's been 12 years and this is still my favorite remix of the site
  6. my God, I do not believe, 12 years waiting for a new remix of @about:blank and finally it resurfaces with its solitude in something new, and incredibly 'alone'. an incredible remix that deserves all the artist's worth, okay let's just say I have not gotten over 'Acrophobia' yet in my opinion it's in my top 3 favorite remixes of the site. the whole situation of loneliness and fall, that really moved me for 12 years, and finally waiting so long it resurfaces with another magical composition, thanks for the return and please do not forget us and post more, thanks
  7. yes imagine an album all work in the games of the series, not even to imagine the perfection of it, "use your head" tommy talarico would say kk. seriously as a fan would very much like someone to be willing to take such a project. would be very accomplished
  8. I'm thinking, Earthworm Jim is a classical, eternal soundtracks for the great Tommy T. And why that great game, dosen't have a project album? Just like a fan, i here to suggest the ideia, we not have any album, little bit remixes, let me see how many fans we have for this ideia. Thanks
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