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  1. Sorry for being so impatient, but is there an estimated TOA? The album has been completed for months and it was even approved already, yet more than a month has passed by and still no news
  2. Ah, another false alarm in my notifications! lol. I really hope we don’t have to wait much longer.
  3. Bummer. After this shitty year I hope we can have some satisfaction and get it done for Xmas, ha! Cheers and great work coordinating such an endeavor!
  4. Now that we got the name of the tracks and this announcement I'm feeling more impatient than ever, lol. How long are we talking about for a delivery date? Days, weeks, a couple of months?
  5. Wonderful!! Super pumped about this. I hope it gets released sooner than that!
  6. @Darkflamewolf I'm a bit confused. It appears on the official topic for the project that a few tracks are still not taken. If that's the case, I think some of those (Spacestation and Flume) would be great options to be remixed by the creator himself, as those are the most "complicated" ones (by my totally non-professional criteria), given their atmospheric and, for the lack of a better word, non-melodic nature. Now, if everything listed there is definitely taken and the list is just not updated, what do you think about rounding up to a 20-song tracklist? Because there was an additional on
  7. Great to learn about this! I hope my post created some enthusiasm about this soundtrack back two years ago, lol. Why not trying to involve (or at least inform) Mr. Beanland himself? He participated in the OCR album for DKC2, and said he would love to see something new related to JFG’s music.
  8. This weekend I’ll be sending some emails I guess. @Light_of_Aether fuck I’m in love! Really good start for Sekhmet.
  9. Cool work! I'll be honest though — those tracks are far from being my favorites . I'm more inclined to those with an epic vibe, such as Ichor Military Base, Sekhmet... I don't know a lot about music composition so I gotta ask, why would you say your tracks are not finished?
  10. Yikes, sorry for the incredibly late response. I received the notification on my iPad, then left the message there sitting, waiting to get on my MacBook and write a decent response and just forgot about it... First of all I really appreciate the author of such good work coming to my thread. I'm afraid that it's not too much what I can do regarding a JFG project, though. I mean, 1) I'm not American, and 2) I'm not a musician. Anyway, here is another remix from a few years ago that I found on YT, which also is pretty cool: It makes me wonder though why people stop
  11. Hi, thanks for your thoughtful reply. You are right that JFG music is not Mario or Final Fantasy in terms of popularity, so it's hardly going to happen on Rare's own wish. Considering that and that having a good orchestra costs a lot of money, I was thinking that if the cause doesn't look too crazy, crowdfunding or some kind of pressure on Rare could get us somewhere. If I have to be honest, I know JFG (let alone JFG music) doesn't get enough recognition even in the gaming community, even if it's a top-notch soundtrack, however I was hoping that OCRemix community could be different
  12. Hi, I, as many of you probably, am a huge fan of the old-days' Rare. You know, the ones responsible for making absolute masterpieces for Nintendo platforms, like Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, or Conker's Bad Fur Day. You probably know as well (and for sure you will know better than this miserable leecher) that these guys, specially people like David Wise and Robin Beanland, were the composers of some of the greatest scores in the history of video games. One of my favorite soundtracks ever is Jet Force Gemini's. I hope most of you are aware of it. The game is a cult-classic
  13. Hi, I've been listening to some OCR albums since a long time ago, since Kong in Concert to be more precise. My favorite ones are the three from the Donkey Kong Country saga and Mega Man X series. This is my first time in the forum and to be honest I just registered to make a request that I really wish could turn into something bigger. I hope everything turns out OK!
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