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  1. ********PROJECT UPDATE #11******** ALL TRACKS ARE DONE! All the cover and back CD art is done! All that is left to do is get them mastered and go through the entire process of pushing this album through the OCR album process and you shall get this beauty in short order later this year hopefully! Jet Force Gemini fans rejoice!
  2. ********PROJECT UPDATE #10******** Guess what, y'all? We got 10 tracks out of a total 15 confirmed complete and WAV acquired! And 3 of the remaining tracks are near completion! This album could come together in short order if the remixers really crank out the remaining five tracks! The end is in sight and the finish line so close! Just need a few more remixes and we got ourselves a full 1-disc album on our hands for all the Jet Force Gemini fans to love. Trust me when I tell you, these tracks are freaking awesome and definitely get the blood pumping! Just waiting on @djpretzel or mod simi
  3. Sorry for the double post, but I felt this was warranted and a very important milestone! For a game that has such little representation in terms of remixes on this site, only 2 before this album!!!! We have successfully brought it up to a grand total of 23 remixes from Skies of Arcadia approved and featured on this site! That means 21 tracks out of 36 from this album got featured! That's over half the album! That's nearly 2/3rds! If that isn't amazing, I don't know what is!!! A bit hearty congrats and kudos to all the hard-working remixers who made this album into the kick-ass beast that it is
  4. Oh yeah, I keep ALL project files to include unused or unfinished WIPs! I never let things go to waste if I can help it! It looks like my next album project might have a few bonus tracks too... Glad you liked them!
  5. Well, if the remixers deliver the tracks I expect on the next deadline as agreed/discussed, we could be 80-90% done and only waiting on a few more tracks after that. So it would take a few more months at most to half a year or more. It really all just depends!
  6. @Ikari_Gendou I honestly didn't know that was an option to just go right up to the man and say hi about his music. I guess it couldn't hurt. Granted, most of the tracks are already taken by now, but if someone falls out, maybe? @Light_of_Aether I wasn't aware he had already released the track outside the album. (guess Sam got impatient! lol) But I found it now and it's definitely got some positive reviews. Guess it's like a sneak peek of the album! Granted, it isn't really a good representation of the overall album tone and feel, since a lot of it is pretty energetic.
  7. Yes, this soundtrack and Skies of Arcadia were two of my favorites growing up, so being able to finally get them realized in OCR form is one of my personal dreams. Happy to have been at the helm of both projects! This album is not orchestral by a long shot, although it does have some elements of it in a few tracks, but it should please just about every JFG fan out there and hopefully get some much needed representation on OCR when it is released.
  8. Super necro posting, but feels relevant to the topic at hand. Outside of maybe Sam Dillard's remix for Water Ruins, my OCR remix album is probably not going to scratch that orchestral itch. However, it does have quite a lot of other variety of hip hop, techno, and other beat-tastic genre renditions of the soundtrack going for it. So it may not 'exactly' be what you're hoping for, but JFG will be getting a substantial recognition boost from OCR soon here. Hopefully a 2020 release sometime depending! So @Light_of_Aether, @Ikari_Gendou, @Meteo Xavier, and @BloomingLate, hopefully this news wil
  9. ******PROJECT UPDATE #9****** And with the except of one remixer doing some polish critiques on a track, we basically have 8 tracks complete now! We're over halfway done! And with the next deadline looming at beginning of March, we are expecting to see a bunch more nearing completion or almost there! But that's not the biggest news.... As of right now, This album has been GREEN LIT FOR OCR ALBUM STATUS! Yep, that's right! This will be an official OCR release just like Arcadia Legends was! So soon, this thread will move on over to Projects soon when either @djpretzel or another foru
  10. ******PROJECT UPDATE #8****** We basically have seven tracks complete now! (six technically, but one isn't far off barring polish critiques! That's basically half way done! If everyone delivers on their promises by end of month or by March, we can get nearly the rest of the album complete in a single month! I also updated the track list with the most accurate progression colors. We're still gunning for a later 2020 release. So let's hope all goes well! We also now have disc art too! Front cover! Back cover! Interior flap! CD cover! It's all done!
  11. Man, there was a story behind this one. I had originally tasked Fina's track to another remixer for the better part of the three years this album was in production. The original arrangement was...unique, but I wanted to stand by my remixers and push forward the best we could muster as a team to the evaluator's panel. However, when reviews came back, and almost every one was singling out this one track as needing some major revisions...I knew I needed to make a decision and quick. As a director, you gotta make the tough calls, even if they suck or hurt someone's feeling for the betterment of th
  12. ******PROJECT UPDATE #7******** We now have five tracks fully complete, which is roughly 1/3 of the album track roster and the rest in varying stages of development! That means we have enough material to go with to OCRemix to apply for official OCR Album status! Wish us luck and let's see if we can get this album finished and out the door prior to 2021!
  13. Oh, this track has seen many iterations and it has had some history. It was one of the first claimed and worked on, but also one of the last completed and finished in the final year of the album's production. I know @Pavos, or PUFreak as he was known during the album creation, struggled with my vision of combining two different melodies into one song. The transition is probably a rough reminder of that fact, but I still think he pulled it off extremely well and his nice and subtle touch helped lend a soft, humanizing aspect to the first half of the song. I knew this would be the song that woul
  14. @Deedubs was one of the first onboard with the album and this was the first track he picked and finished. He immediately went gung-ho on his idea with little input from me. He finished it in a few short weeks. However, it went through a crazy polishing phase where we handed it off to the faux-judges (since it wasn't supposed to be an official panel critique) of @timaeus222, @Gario, and @Chimpazilla(at the time, she later dropped out due to real life). I do believe it went back and forth between @Deedubs and judges at least three times with not so minor edits, but all that hard work and touchin
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