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  1. *****Project Update #3***** Skipped a whole month in updates, but we are actually making good progress! We signed on a few more folks to the project and got some great WIPs in from PirateCrab, Aluminum, MkVaff, Rotten Eggplant, and GlacialSpoon. This entire album is already feeling full of energy and sick beats! I love it! We even got the first initial final WIP submitted by Deedubs of Ichor! Fantastic job all around to our remixers! We're still recruiting for those remaining tracks, but I'm confident we can get them all claimed by year's end! Looking forward to the next batch of finished WAVs!
  2. And we keep getting fantastic news! @Gario has claimed Cerulean and we are excited to have him onboard the project!
  3. An @aluminum joins the fight against Mizar and is selecting none other than the big Mizar's Palace track itself! It's big and epic and I can't wait to see what he has in store for it!
  4. *****Project Update #2***** Second month has been a bit slow. We got MkVaff and PirateCrab signed onto the team, but on the whole, not much progress has been made. Which is fine. There were slow months during Arcadia Legends too, so I'm not worried. We also got a few more interested parties for the album, but no firm takers yet. Still looking forward to the music in the coming months!
  5. I wish I had more history to say about this track that I did with the others, but I don't. This track is just plain awesome. I thought it an interesting choice to do a spaghetti western theme for the track with Jorito pitched it, but I was willing to give it a whirl. I know this was a combo track of Yafotuma Dawn and Eastern Sky Pirates, but it was clear the Sky Pirates was the dominant theme of the two, Jorito struggled hard trying to incorporate Yafotuma into the melody somehow. Within a short span of a few months, he gave me a WIP that sealed my love for the peace and I signed off on this amazing rendition and he went full throttled and got additional performers to make it the best it could be! Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album and hot off the heels of the atmospheric Dark Rift theme "The Darkness is Already Here." A perfect wake-up call from the somber rift, just like in the game!
  6. *****Project Update #1***** With the advent of this update, and GlacialSpoon signing on for Spawnship, we now have 6 remixers on board with at least another 10 interested in a few months once other commitments are fulfilled! Things are looking up and it's not even been a month! Sure, there's only been 1 initial WIP submitted so far, but none of the deadlines have been breached and everything looks to be on track! I'm excited and hopeful for this album. Definitely a good idea to scale back since Arcadia Legends and focus on a more condensed and focused 1-disc album for my second project. Will be updating everyone like this at least once a month to keep interest current and to be 100% transparent to remixers and fans of JFG about the state of the album! Look forward to more progress next month! EDIT: And now we have Piratecrab signed on for Boss Battle!
  7. And since this year is the 20th anniversary of the game, here is a look back 20 years later to see if this games holds up to today!
  8. bLiNd has signed up for SS Anubis! We're doing great so far on interest! We got 8 others also interested in claiming tracks, but are holding off due to other commitments and real life things, so definitely checking back in with them in a month or two!
  9. Sam Dillard joins to remix Water Ruins! Big welcome to Sam! I’ll adjust the track listing colors later tonight.
  10. This track got passed around to a few remixers until it landed onto Kylok's lap. He had a specific vision and he went with it. It was Modus who stepped in front and center to really deliver the hard feedback to make this a standout track. Where it was initially mixed soft, he wanted it pumped out louder and specific instrumentation to be more felt to invoke the mood and feel of our first time traversing Valua City ourselves in SOA and feeling the grime, grit and despair of that city. Kudos to Kylok for bringing it all into stark reality for us.
  11. This track was finished quite early in production, like literally in the first few months of the project initiation. I went to reach out to a bunch of remixers at the start and OA responded back claiming this combo track, liking the energy and drive to it. Within a few short weeks, he came back with a rockin' finished track and even though I still ran it through the pseudo judges we were using at the time, there was very little wrong with it to change/fix. OA had nailed it on the first go essentially and provided us a great benchmark for quality for the remainder of the tracks that were to follow! Thanks to him for being a fantastically fast and great person to work with on this album!
  12. Aaron Webber @RubyEclipse on Twitter, Social Media and PR guy for SEGA of America was delivered by us, over 70 copies of the physical Arcadia Legends album! They also sent over copies with personalized letters from us to SEGA of Japan where a copy got into the hands of REIKO KODAMA, the producer of Skies of Arcadia! She was VERY pleased! We did it guys! They appreciated all the hard work and effort we did to make this a reality! It may not make a huge difference in getting a Skies of Arcadia 2, but I'm willing to take whatever we can get! Thanks again to everyone who contributed and supported us!
  13. Three claims so far in the first day. Promising start! Really looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up, guys/gals!
  14. @Sbeast @OceansAndrew @GlacialSpoon @Deedubs @zykO @Jorito @Guifrog @PrototypeRaptor @Sam Dillard - Pinging you all specifically since we've worked together before on Arcadia Legends and I enjoyed my experience working with you during that project. Also pinging because each of you delivered fairly quickly and well before expected deadlines, which was always a bonus! I extend to you an invitation to see if you'd like to claim a track or two of this second, smaller album, if not, that's okay too! Thanks again for what you've done for me in the past and looking forward to hopefully working with you again.