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  1. Oof... $250 later and all the international shipments are done! Everyone who has been owed a copy has been shipped out! And...I'm still left over close to 200 copies... x_X For those expecting, I'll be emailing you shortly regarding tracking number so you can track packages to your home. And with that, my role in directing Arcadia Legends has come to a final end! Thank you one and all for contributing and following this album and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the music!
  2. Okay, all American/USA based contributors have had their copies sent out to them yesterday. Already sent out your tracking numbers as well to your emails/DMs. I am currently filling out customs forms for the international shipments (and waiting for my next paycheck to hit this Friday) before I gather together the copies to send out to my foreign contributors! Was funny at the Post Office, I literally cleaned them out of all boxes/packages that'd fit two copies of the album. They were like, did you need that many? ME: Yes, yes I do and I'll be needing just as many when I come back to do this again!
  3. Oh, and I guess I can add a new point to this whole discussion, one that isn't discussed much: PHYSICAL COPIES of said album. This isn't required for any album to have physical copies at all. In fact, this is more of a personal choice for the director of the album if they want a physical copy. There isn't going to be some big Kickstarter like there was for FF6: Balance and Ruin for your physical album prints. I think that was a one time thing and a legal quagmire that I feel OCRemix isn't wanting to delve into anytime soon. But can any album have a physical release? I believe so! However, there are some requirements first. 1) The director must be the one who impresses on everyone from the outset their intention to make physicals after album release. Everyone on the OCRemix admin staff and those remixers and contributors to the project need to be aware of this intention and be agreeable to pitching in for the final product. 2) You will not normally see a simultaneous physical and digital release of the album. The digital will always come first and the physicals months later due to logistics and timing, etc. 3) The director is responsible, with their art director, in securing all front/back cover art and disc art for the album. However that happens, either you draw it yourself or you pay a commission for an artist to do it for you, it must be something available and provided for the physical prints. 4) Split your discs up early into track lists where the run times are 74 mins or less per disc to properly fit on physical CDs come printing. 5) After digital release, you'll most likely be working with DJPretzel directly and once your request for physicals is approved on OCRemix admin, they will be covering HALF of the costs. The other half must come from you, the director. This isn't cheap, and the Arcadia Legends album limited print run went close to $2000. So about $1000 needed to come out of my pocket. You can either dump the change all yourself, or get as many folks from those who contributed to pitch in equal amounts of money to add up to your half. However you slice it, you need to provide it. 6) It is generally considered a good recommendation that you order enough for at least two physical copies per contributor to the album. However, not all contributors will be able to or willing to pitch in for the cost, nor will all contributors be willing to respond and provide you with their physical addresses to mail them. (which you'll have to do and pay additional for shipping out of pocket) So it is up to the director if those who neither paid nor provided address get physical copies at all - harsh truth, but needed to be said. 7) Once ordered, the shipment will be split, you'll get roughly half, and OCRemix will get half to give out at their fest panels. Once you receive your shipment, it'll be on you to make good on promises made to all those wanting physical copies. Once those are sent out and you have a bunch left over, the director can do whatever they want with them, raffles, prizes, etc. Just don't sell them! With all that out of the way, physicals are a neat novelty piece and a great reward for all the hard work for everyone who put effort into the project! It isn't ideal for every album, but the option is there if you wish to pursue it. Just know that you, the director, will be the one who foots all the work on this and covering cost when others come up short. So be aware of this! Now for those interested, Arcadia Legends physicals should be finishing up printing this week and hopefully shipping out by this weekend! So for all those waiting on their contributor copies, it won't be long now when I get them and repackage them up and send them out!
  4. And good management and people skills also helps. You definitely need to be empathetic and understanding of the remixers who agree to help you, since they are doing this for free (most times). So understanding they have lives and struggles will help keep your expectations in check. Sure, you can make deadlines, but realize that not everyone can meet them due to a variety of reasons. If you aren't caring how many tracks the album ends up being, this can be a good way of getting 'something' pushed out and securing the tracks that were able to be created in that deadline timeframe. However, unlike that suggestion, I chose to set a goal of 36 tracks - 3 discs for my album, and I personally wasn't going to accept anything less. Sure, it extended the timeline of the album over 3 years, but I felt it ended up being a better product in the end for it. You decide what will work best for your album.
  5. You mean this sort of soundtrack for Godzilla?
  6. Pitch it then. Make it happen. Literally one of the first things I did after I had made the initial project thread and put out a recruitment call, I went down the list from A to Z of all my favorite remixers and painstakingly sent off DMs to each and every one of them (limit 5 per day for these forums) hoping to recruit them to the project. 80% never responded back or even read the DMs. 10% will politely say no for whatever reason. However, the remaining 10% will surprise you and be on board to creating tracks for the album. You just never know until you ask!
  7. There is also nothing stopping you from becoming director and gathering together awesome talent and managing an entire album on your own. (granted, I had help in the way of @Modus, who was invaluable) But anyone can make an album become reality. Arcadia Legends is proof of that. However, it is a lot of work, keeping up to date on both remixers,, artists and more and making sure everything is flowing smoothly and on time. It takes a lot of organization and patience and definitely a lot of micro and macro managing. It will not be easy, but if you are passionate about the project, others will see that and hopefully will want to join and make it a reality too with you.
  8. I'm not sure where else to ping for these folks, but for those wanting physicals who took part in this album and I'm pinging you here, please check your DMs on these forums. Important information is there for you. @Garpocalypse @shredd @Chadlee @bluelighter @Juke @GlacialSpoon @OceansAndrew @YoshiBlade @Deedubs @fxsnowy @Ophanin @Rotten Eggplant @Silent Ice
  9. Nothing is wrong with the track. I was going through my recollection and experience of our interaction during the production of the track.
  10. For a funny joke title most people will get almost immediately, just name it simply 'Over 9000.'
  11. I always admired and loved the OCRemix albums that would get released every few months. I always dreamed of having one directed by myself one day too. (hey, look what happened!!) However, one thing I did notice that in almost every single one of the albums, @djpretzel always had a hand in it by contributing at least one track. It almost seemed like a tradition at this point - that the creator and owner of OCRemix involves himself at least once in every major project released. So, obviously I had to ask the man himself if he was willing to donate a track to the cause after it was approved for official album status. Imagine my surprise and excitement when he said yes! However, true to form and to the advice other album directors gave me, they all mentioned that @djpretzel would take his time and most likely be the last track to be finished for the album....and boy did he not disappoint! If it weren't for a last minute change for Fina's Theme involving @Deedubs at literally the 11th hour (no kidding, it was finished and sent in AFTER the album had been submitted for eval!), @djpretzel's track would have been the last completed for the album! You almost made it there, buddy, but your streak has been broken! haha! As for the track itself, not much to say except he nailed it on the first try, is awesome in every way and I loved it so much that it instantly became my top pick to be the opening track for disc 3. Thanks again to @djpretzel for being so great and easy to work with, you made the final stages of this album submission so much easier and friendly. I appreciate all the help you've given me and the help you'll continue to give as we progress forward in working out these physicals! Huzzah to all for a job well done!
  12. So this was a bit of an interesting track for me. I wasn't really sure how this song would be realized since the original melody was pretty rough to work with and interpret. So imagine my shock and surprise when @TSori came back to me with a trumpet heavy version of Drachma's theme which was a far cry from the more formal and somewhat steadfast mournful tune that one could describe Drachma as being. However, it was very sparse, light in the polish department and definitely in no stage to present as a final track. @TSori himself said he wished he had more skills to make it into the vision he wanted. I told him not to write himself off just yet, because I actually liked the direction he took the song. Knowing that @Deedubs had helped @Supercoolmike out on his track earlier on the album (Which @Supercoolmike should totally submit for eval and approval to OCR!), I took a chance and asked him again to see if he'd assist in helping @TSori out. @Deedubs was gracious yet again and found the challenge invigorating since it caused him to pare down his style rather than build it up, a unique remixing endeavor! What came out of this collaboration was a charming mix that can't help but bring a smile to my face. And the best compliment of all? Whenever it comes on the car stereo, my boys refuse to have us turn off the engine or get out of the car until the song finishes playing! You can't get better feedback than that!
  13. There is an excellent guide linked by Level 99 found in this thread that explains all of the eval procedures and submission guidelines: It definitely helped me out while I was working on submitting Arcadia Legends.
  14. The site domain from my limited experience with Arcadia Legends is something that DJPretzel will provide for you. He has all the details when it comes time to start building the website. They have a php toolkit and a format they strongly encourage you to follow for ease of transition when you hand over all the web assets for them to transfer to the primary address location. Well, I won't lie, the bulk of 'human-like' artists can be found on DeviantArt, but being a... *ahem* furry myself, I got loads more options and there are other websites out there with artists who can do both furry art AND human art as well. You just have to look around and find them. It can be hard going at times for finding the one artist that truly meets your style and needs and is actually open for commissions. Some take a while to complete, so get started on finding one ASAP.