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  1. Categories - This was my idea. I wanted the album to be different than previous large-scale albums which seemed to just follow 'whatever works in whatever order' sort of direction. I wanted a more cohesive flow that was separated by disc. Something you can't get on a single or perhaps a two-disc album, in terms of variety. With 4 discs (not counting the bonus) to work with, there was plenty of room to arrange tracks to best fit together and flow smoothly for a cohesive listening experience. I feel every album should have a focused theme or goal in mind before starting instead of just: "we'll take whatever is submitted." Some may not agree with me, but I can think of several awesome orchestral-only, metal-only, rock-only, dance edm-only albums which have had STRONG outings because of these realized visions. So I'm very happy you enjoyed how it came out, even if the initial impression wasn't favorable! ❤️ I just now need to convince everyone for the Star Fox album the new vision there too. haha.... Listening Party - Also another idea I pushed months in advance. OC ReMix had never done these sorts of things before for any of its albums and I was inspired by the one done for a Final Fantasy IX album (not done by OCR) whose name escapes me. I was like: That's an awesome idea. So, I took it upon myself to create all the videos and push the agenda in making the party happen. Unfortunately, we had settled on a hard release date of 5/8/2023 and we were crunching to make that deadline. So, we couldn't advertise the premiere party launch until almost the last minute, because we weren't sure if we were going to make 5/8/2023 and we needed the final assurances of DJPretzel and Liontamer before we could announce the listening party or if we needed to push it back. Despite this, it was a successful premiere and everyone enjoyed themselves! Maybe next time we'll have more! Collaborations - Another thing I strongly pushed for. I promoted it up front as people were claiming tracks to collab with each other. We even made it a point to make a separate role on the collaboration server for collab-only contributors. So you could easily identify and reach out to those who could do live instruments you were seeking. It was a fantastic mix of talent that if I go on to direct the Star Fox album, I'm going to continue to push for collaborations among musicians/artists. For example: So what if most of the 'theming' might be too fast-paced or rock/metal based for some remixers to participate, doesn't mean you can't collaborate and add in your own flair to it. I can see it now: Metal Star Wolf with some Oud mixed in for good measure (as a weird example, but hey! Anything can happen with creativity!)! So, I'm happy to hear this struck a lovely chord with you. Thank you so much for these comments and I hope you enjoy the album many times over! We're all very proud of it!
  2. It is done. The entire album package is complete and all administrative paperwork filed. The rest is in OC Remix staff's hands. Our job as directors is 'basically' over. If all goes well, it won't be but a few weeks more before release! Keep an eye on updates and be prepared for a premiere date and time where hundreds can listen along together once it debuts!
  3. Well, we have a HUGE and UNEXPECTED bonus SURPRISE for all fans and listeners of Final Fantasy VIII music! Even we weren't expecting this grand surprise! We will be revealing this CRAZY, SHOCKING TWIST at the premiere. Be ready! It is coming soon!
  4. It's finally here! The album trailer! Done by the awesome @José the Bronx Rican!!! I hope you all enjoy it and once the Mario Movie hype has died down, we can finally look ahead to imminent release! Hold on to your butts!
  5. We’re in the tail end of the process now. We have a fair few left who are in the polishing and fixes stage of their tracks due to OCR judge panel feedback. We’re waiting for these final few tracks to get finalized before our masterer can finish their job. The release trailer is coming together and we got a general layout and flow to the video now. So that’s in the works. Finally, the website is complete minus a few required last minute changes when it goes live. Not long now, everyone! Note: I’m also planning several YouTube premiere parties hosted at different times upon release so each major timezone groupings can snag a listen. More words to follow on that!
  6. I'm so glad this finally got to see the light of day on OCR front page. All of GlacialSpoon's pieces for the albums he's participated in with me have been absolute bangers and this one is no different. I absolutely love his funky take on this relatively unassuming track from the OST and turned it into something truly unique and special!
  7. Finally! Another amazing Skies of Arcadia remix gets posted! And this one from my good friend and collaborator on my albums I direct: Deedubs! I loved this version he did for Prince Enrique's theme. It came together fairly quickly and he handed it in shortly after his first two tracks he completed for the album. I didn't really even have to ask for him to tackle this track, he just did it on his own and just knocked it out of the park!
  8. The album is more or less locked in now. We'll be receiving the final versions of some last minute track fixes, etc. and we'll get to mastering them right away. The album production is basically complete and listed below is the "tentatively" final track list and order! I hope you're excited and pumped! We surely are! This album blew all expectations away and I think you'll be in a real treat! TRACK LIST BALAMB GARDEN DISC 1 - The Jellyfish (Fisherman's Horizon) - DJPretzel 2 - Aroma of Sugary Warmth (Balamb Garden) - Clement Panchout feat. Facemeltingsolo, GameroftheWinds & SableProvidence 3 - Moonlit Night on a Calm Lake (Waltz for the Moon) - ChriskAudio 4 - Where is My Fault (Tell Me) - BlueLighter feat. Anna Hanabi, SableProvidence, Khoo Sze Ning, Guitarsvd, Ian Martyn, & dpMusician 5 - Garden's Destiny (The Oath) - Deedubs 6 - I Belong (Where I Belong) - Cyril the Wolf feat. Jordi 7 - Roses, Wine and Gentle Smiles (Roses and Wine) - CarlosEdge 8 - Gaofar (Breezy) - Ian Martyn 9 - The Annals of Truth (Junction) - RebeccaETripp feat. GameroftheWinds & Ian Martyn 10 - Find Your Way to the East (Find Your Way) - Sorven 11 - Take My Squall Away (Love Grows) - Hemophiliac 12 - Tears in Rain (Silence and Motion) - Zack Parrish 13 - The Infested Arena (Fear) - BlueLighter 14 - Long for the Horizon (Blue Fields) - Zack Parrish feat. Ian Martyn, Kestrel Girl & Jesus Chic Acevedo 15 - Moments (Fragments of Memories) - Jorito feat. JoyDreamer & Christ~Amaterasu 16 - Your Smile (Julia) - feraldreams feat. Juan Medrano 17 - Friends Under Different Stars (Ami) - Cecil feat. James Perretta 18 - Lost in Time (The Successor) - Meldecision feat. Metamoogle & Cyril the Wolf GALBADIA GARDEN DISC 1 - The Galbadian National Anthem (Cactus Jack) - Blake Inc. feat. Cyril the Wolf 2 - Two Scars Matching (Don't Be Afraid) - Tuberz McGee 3 - Dancefloorphans (Truth) - Pixel Pirates 4 - Skadooshin' (Movin') - jdamashii!! 5 - Filthy Lies, Wasted Virtue (Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec) - Vodou Queen feat. Rockos 6 - Queen of Cards (Boogie and Shuffle) - GlacialSpoon 7 - Dead End Blitz (Dead End) - bLiNd 8 - Turn Those UP (Starting Up) - Rockos feat. Siolfor the Jackal 9 - Downtown Run (Never Look Back) - Drakeld 10 - Stuck in My Mind (My Mind) - Jorito feat. Sirenstar 11 - Theme of the White Hole Prevention Agency (Ride On) - APZX feat. Jabo & Tsori 12 - The Marshall (Martial Law) - Rockos feat. Zack Parrish & Tsori 13 - Final Force (Force Your Way) - Ivan Hakštok 14 - Witch Hunter (The Man With the Machine Gun) - Gario 15 - Warheads (Retaliation) - Drakeld 16 - Only A Hot Dog Between One and the Sickness (Only a Plank Between One and Perdition) - Siolfor the Jackal feat. Jabo & Serrin's Toes 17 - You Got Me Dancing (Dance With the Balamb Fish) - Treyt TRABIA GARDEN DISC 1 - Even Ill-Omens Need a Break (Premonition) - Vodou Queen feat. dpMusician, SirCorn, Shea's Violin, GameroftheWinds & Tsori 2 - Swagger de Chocobo (Mods de Chocobo) - GlacialSpoon 3 - La Victoria de los Bùhos (Timber Owls) - Deedubs feat. Sean Hardin, Wurtzel, Tsori, CNDRSamus & Travis Kindred 4 - Proposition and Clamor (Overture) - APZX 5 - Willingly Sacrificed (A Sacrifice) - MkVaff 6 - El Gran Salar (The Salt Flats) - CNDRSamus feat. GameroftheWinds 7 - A Scar to Match (Rivals) - colorado weeks feat. Chromatic Apparatus, Flake & Shea's Violin 8 - The Oscar Goes to Laguna Loire (Slideshow Parts 1 & 2) - BlueLighter 9 - Night Shift (Jailed) - DJ Orange 10 - OH!! DEKA-DE-JAZZ-DE-CHOCOBO ~ Dirty Contacts Mix (Odeka ke Chocobo) - HeavyViper 11 - For a Few Draws More (The Mission) - Flake feat. Sorven, Audio Mocha, Cyril the Wolf, dpMusician, Zack Parrish, Ian Martyn & Calem Destiny 12 - Still Under Her Control, But With New Management (Under Her Control) - Jean Of mArc 13 - Impressions From Unrest (Unrest) - SirCorn 14 - Into the Singularity (Compression of Time) - Sirenstar feat. Jorito 15 - Concédeme Un Momento (Eyes on Me) - CNDRSamus feat. Earth Kid & Chris Kohler 16 - Deling City Nights (Galbadia Garden) - Lucas Guimaraes feat. Dionte George, dpMusician, theBitterRoost & MegadudeXD 17 - A Wounded Spy (The Spy) - Vylent 18 - Succession of Magical Girls (Succession of Witches) - donut feat. John Bishop 19 - Smooth Heretic (Heresy) - KalS 20 - We Are the Winners (The Winner) - Jorito feat. Numoon, Sirenstar, Cyril the Wolf, Tsori & Dewey Newt LUNATIC PANDORA DISC 1 - Voces Maledictionis et Spei: Children Fated to Lead (Liberi Fatali) - Heavenwraith feat. JoyDreamer, Bonnie Bogovich, Vodou Queen, Ian Martyn & colorado weeks 2 - If Time Stood Still (Eyes on Me) - Earth Kid feat. Erika Richards 3 - Set the Stage on Fire (The Stage is Set) - Zack Parrish 4 - The Sorceress' Knight (Force Your Way) - Deedubs 5 - Heavy Residents (Residents) - Rockos feat. Zack Parrish & Cyril the Wolf 6 - The Tolls of Stringent Obligation (The Landing) - Zack Parrish feat. Chromatic Apparatus, Alex Parrish, Cyril the Wolf & Angel Hernandez 7 - High Tides and Lunar Cries (Lunatic Pandora) - Audio Mocha 8 - In Horto Dormit Nuntius (The Castle) - Fishy 9 - SeeDs of Pandora (SeeD) - Jorito feat. Sirenstar, Chromatic Apparatus & Juan Medrano 10 - Make Them Bleed (The Legendary Beast) - Zack Parrish feat. Earth Kid & Viking Guitar 11 - Maybe I'm a Lion or Maybe I'm Not (Maybe I'm a Lion) - Ian Martyn feat. Darby Cupit, Ian Cowell, Leo Martyn, Carrie Wood & MegadudeXD 12 - All Existence Denied (The Extreme) - Vodou Queen feat. Cap'n Shred 13 - Succession of Power (The Successor) - ChriskAudio feat. GameroftheWinds 14 - And That's the End (Ending Theme) - Rockos feat. ChriskAudio
  9. One more week before final due date submission for all finished tracks. If all goes well, we could be looking at a 60 track~ album! That's fantastic if it happens! However, seeing as it is roughly 7-8 days away from final submission, we are no longer taking auditions or applications at this time for additional claims - not unless you can bust out something within a week's time that meets OCRemix panel requirements. 😅 For everyone else who has been waiting on this album, y'all in for a real treat! Fans of the game and music are going to get a really awesome experience!
  10. I could honestly see this sort of album being right up @ZackParrish's alley! Oh, and Zack brought up a good point on Discord, collaborations are always possible if one person feels that can't do all parts for an idea/track. The current Final Fantasy 8 I'm directing has been a fantastic blend of collabs that have produced phenomenal results.
  11. You have until Sept 15th. Might be best to be earlier than that to account for any fixes, polishing and more to meet OCRemix Eval board standards.
  12. Maybe I'm a Lion is now claimed by Iam Martyn, but there are still plenty of tracks left unclaimed to include a few key ones we'd still like on the album! Feel free to join our collab Discord and inquire further! Looking forward to seeing you there! https://discord.gg/G9uzRqZK
  13. Here's the main thread: I checked the Recruit & Collab forum guidelines and it didn't say I couldn't make a quick, additional thread here where it might get more eyes/traction than in the Projects threads. We have two months left for final turn in and we still have a nice slew of solid tracks from the FF8 OST that could be filled! This will be sort of a lightning rush sort of round in terms of remixing - 60 days and done, but right now, we are standing at 57 tracks strong (provided no one drops out before the end) and there are still great tracks left unclaimed. This is the last, final OCRemix album for the Playstation 1 era of Final Fantasies to be done for this community! If you want to be a part of it, feel free to check the linked thread, read the details and hop into our Discord if you'd like to help collab or remix! We're always looking for fantastic talent! Current Track Claim & WIP Status Red - Unclaimed Track - 15 Orange - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 4 Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 7 Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 30 Green - Finished Unmastered Arrangement submitted - 17
  14. If any remixers are interested, we still got 18 tracks unclaimed and two months left before final album submissions. Lots of key tracks and minor ones are still left unclaimed! If you want to be a part of the final OCRemix Playstation 1 era Final Fantasy remix album, hop on now! Although for those hopping in now, it's kinda a lightning round rush sort of thing! 60 days.... GO! 😆
  15. Yep, still waiting for you to join the Discord! Lots of tracks still left open and some that might be....depending. 😥 But yeah, the track list and the status of the album should be up to date now, numbers and colors and all!
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