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  1. DAAAAANG, how did I miss @Sbeast?! Good to see you again! Loved working with you on Arcadia Legends. Always a spot for you on the album, buddy! Come on in!
  2. For those interested in the album and want to contribute - here is the Discord server. Please only join if you are interested in participating~ https://discord.gg/CtJ2a8kjRy Also, All former claims to the tracks have been released as of Sept 12, 2021 - All unclaimed tracks are now free to claim! As for Vodou Queen's question - if you have not made anything published to OCR - we may need to evaluate your arranging chops and if necessary, pair you up with another (or others) as a collab depending. Sort of like how 'Remixing with the Stars' compo went.
  3. Well, this is currently on backburner since I'm now directing the Final Fantasy 8 album, but we could low key work on this album on the side, but honestly, it'd all come down to general interest. I do have a clear vision on how I'd want the album to be/sound like, but it's ultimately down to the remixers to make it happen. Given the repeating and overlapping themes present in many of the tracks in Hollow Knight, you should be able to easily do the transitional/evolving melody pitch I made in the first post - with Serious Sam 4's OST as a guideline.
  4. You got it! The Castle it is! Welcome aboard. If you got Discord, get in touch with Jorito and he'll link you into the Discord server we got specifically for this album! Reach out to @Fishy to see if he still wants The Castle or he'd like to collab or whatever you two decide together! ❤️
  5. Please recap what you claimed please. And would love to see what more you’ll bring to the table!! 💕 EDIT: disregard. I see your private message! You claim SeeD. That’s fine. I listened to it and it sounds good. Unsure which disc it’ll go on right now, but we can accept it! Please send an unmastered wav file over and we can evaluate - well, Jorito will carry the bulk of that and we’ll get back to you! ❤️
  6. This post is no longer relevant. All old claims from the previous iteration of this album have been released as of Sept 12, 2021. All tracks unclaimed are now open season!
  7. Final Fantasy VIII: SeeDs of Pandora - A Final Fantasy Album Project Director: @Darkflamewolf (Director of Arcadia Legends and Mizar Attacks!) Co-Director: @Jorito (Director of Resonance of the Pure Lands, Paths Less Traveled and Sonic 25th anniversary: Speeding towards Adventures) Art Director: R. Hoffmann Sound Designer/Masterer: Performers available: - John Stacy: French horn, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone (3 varieties), bass trombone, euphonium, tuba - GameroftheWinds: alto flute, flute, piccolo, clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder (soprano, alto, tenor), tin whistle, soprano sax, oboe (if simple parts), shakuhachi (and maybe some more woodwinds), garklein - Earth Kid: vocals, harp, piano, recorders (all except bass), accordion, Irish bouzouki, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, ocarina, kalimba, percussion such as djembe, tambourine, shakers, otamatone - Siolfor the Jackal: chunky bass and guitars - Jorito: synths, e-piano, organ, bass, guitar and a mish mash of other instruments - Tsori: Trumpet and Flugelhorn - Audio Mocha: Electric guitar, rock n roll, slide guitar and chonk - Manji: Heavy metal guitar and bass guitar - SableProvidence: dizi, xiao, piccolo, flute, bass flute + possibly access to other chinese instruments - Donut: clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, recorders (Sopranino -> Bass) - Cecil: erhu, guzheng - MooglePower: Irish bouzouki, Irish tenor banjo, Irish whistle (and low whistle), mandolin, seljefløyte, anglo concertina, bodhrán, kantele, ukulele, Scottish smallpipes, synth, guitar (DADGAD and standard tuning), and bass PROJECT HISTORY: Hello, everyone! This is Darkflamewolf - Director of albums: Arcadia Legends and Mizar Attacks! for the games: Skies of Arcadia and Jet Force Gemini respectively. There was once a Final Fantasy VIII album launched and attempted back in 2016 that has since fallen off the map and never touched again. I was recently approached by @djpretzeland @Liontamer to head up and direct this album and hopefully get it completed at long last. After much research, delving into past threads and posts, I figured the best way to do this is to relaunch it anew under a new brand and theming. Trying to build something from the ashes of a previous attempt would be a struggle and I feel providing something new and fresh for remixers to sink their teeth into would be best. Final Fantasy VIII was always the dark horse of the PS era of Final Fantasy games - it being the last of the bunch to get a proper remake for current consoles. Also makes sense that it also be the last to get a proper OCRemix treatment! So let's make it happen and bring something fresh and original to the table. Which leads us into... PROJECT CONCEPT : Part of my research led me to Pixel Mixer's full album take on the soundtrack as well as the Materia Collective and their album release around the time the OCRemix album was trying to take off. Listening to all their interpretations of the source material, I knew that for this album to sit apart from previous releases of the soundtrack, we needed to bring something new to the table. Something fresh and exciting - and that's where this concept comes into play. I am splitting up the soundtrack into 3 different genre styles: CALM - CRAZY - OFFBEAT/GOOFY. Let me explain each one: CALM - These are what you'd expect. This CD concept will have tracks that can typically be expected to be more soothing and calming. However, I wanted to add a neat addition to the theme: Since the entire game revolves around exploring the world and exploring different cultures (and there are a fair bit in Final Fantasy VIII), I wanted each song on this CD to have a cultural flair added to it. It can be either an instrument or two from a culture or just the way the song is structured. I don't care if it is Japanese, African, Norwegian, Russian, Indian, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Australian - it just needs to be audibly recognizable as having that cultural vibe throughout the song. How you do that is up to you. Complete freedom beyond this theming. CRAZY - These are what you'd expect. This CD concept will have tracks that can typically be expected to be more upbeat, pulse-pounding, high octane affairs. It can be metal, rock, shred, EDM, you name it. I don't care which of these toe-tapping genres you put it in, I just want to feel it. Make it hard, fast, loud, crazy - go wild. These are the tracks I want to really turn up my speakers and just rage out to. Let the walls pound with the beat! Complete freedom beyond this theming. OFFBEAT/GOOFY - This is where things get interesting. Complete freedom of genre and style. The weirder and more off-the-wall interpretations you have of these tracks, the better. I want to be surprised and expectations of what the song could be blown away. I want to hear something nobody would expect going into a remix of these songs. Go wild, have fun, sky's the limit. Complete freedom in every sense of the word. Don't repeat what has been done before - do something fresh and new with these tracks! ALBUM UPDATE!!!!!!: So, Jorito and I do feel a bit bad about numerous folks being super excited, eager and motivated to claim multiple tracks - however, previous claimants from the first time this album was launched do have priority over those tracks up until Sept 12, 2021 since they claimed it first. It's the right thing to do to reach out to these remixers and see if they wish to still participate in something they were so passionate about joining back in 2016. When discussing the theming of the album and how the three main CDs were to reflect the nature of each of the Gardens: Balamb = CALM, Galbadia = CRAZY and Trabia = GOOFY/OFFBEAT (because Selphie!) - we came up with a question: What will happen to the Lunatic Pandora disc? Because Jorito and a few others liked that idea and theming as well. So an idea struck me: WHY NOT BOTH?! Why not have 3 primary GARDEN discs and then a fourth LUNATIC PANDORA disc where any genre from the first three discs can go (so no limits to interpretation there!) AND the 4th disc can be where any duplicate tracks can go! Now, for those who still are hyped to remix a track that a former claimant has reclaimed but instead have it be on the PANDORA disc, the three GARDEN discs take priority. I really want each remixer to pick songs not claimed to fill out the first three GARDEN discs. That's priority. Once that is finished, you can then go back and remix the track you also wanted to do that'd be a duplicate. Make sense? TRACK LIST The updated track list can be found here (below may not be accurate, so try the link first!): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K2fJk3wc4JEJEknTSrI3rv_C0k66vd6B3xqd8r0bicA/edit#gid=0 Track Claim & WIP Status Red - Unclaimed Track - 19 Orange - Claimed Track, no WIP yet - 5 Purple - Initial WIP submitted - 10 Blue - Significant WIP submitted - 28 Green - Finished Unmastered Arrangement submitted - 10 Bold Green - Finished and Mastered Track - 0 CALM TRACKS - DISC OF BALAMB GARDEN 01 - Balamb Garden - Claimed by Clement Panchout 02 - Blue Fields - Claimed by Fredrik Häthen 03 - Find Your Way - Claimed by Sorven 04 - The Loser 05 - Breezy - Claimed by Ian Martyn 06 - Waltz for the Moon - Claimed by chriskaudio 07 - Tell Me- Claimed by Bluelighter 08 - Fear/Unrest - Claimed by Bluelighter 09 - Julia - Claimed by Foxfall 10 - Roses and Wine - Claimed by CarlosEdge 11 - Junction - Claimed by Rebecca E Tripp 12 - Galbadia Garden 13 - Unrest 14 - Premonition 15 - Fragments of Memories - Claimed by Jorito feat. Joydream & Chris Amaterasu 17 - Ami - Claimed by Cecil 18 - Blue Sky 19 - Drifting 20 - Fisherman's Horizon - Claimed by Djpretzel 21 - Where I Belong - Claimed by Cyril the Wolf 22 - The Oath - Claimed by Deedubs 23 - Love Grows 24 - The Salt Flats - Claimed by CNDRSamus 25 - Tears of the Moon 26 - The Successor CRAZY TRACKS - DISC OF GALBADIA GARDEN 01 - Liberi Fatali - Claimed by HeavenWraith 02 - Don't Be Afraid - Claimed by Tuberz Mcgee 03 - The Winner - Claimed by Jorito 04 - The Landing - Claimed by Sagnewshreds 05 - Starting Up - Claimed by Rockos feat. Siolfor the Jackal 06 - Force Your Way - Claimed by Ivan HakštokIvan 07 - Never Look Back - Claimed by Rassel 08 - Dead End - Claimed by bLiNd 09 - The Man With the Machine Gun - Claimed by Gario 10 - My Mind - Claimed by Jorito 11 - Martial Law - Claimed by Rockos 12 - Only a Plank Between One and Perdition - Claimed by Siolfor the Jackal 13 - The Stage Is Set 14 - Retaliation - Claimed by Frukt 15 - Movin' - Claimed by Damashii 16 - Dance With the Balamb Fish 17 - Eyes on Me - Claimed by Earth Kid 18 - Mods de Chocobo - Claimed by GlacialSpoon 19 - Ride On - Claimed by Tsori 20 - Lunatic Pandora - Claimed by Audio Mocha 21 - The Legendary Beast - Claimed by Zack Parrish 22 - Maybe I'm a Lion - Claimed by fxsnowy 23 - The Extreme - Claimed by Cap'n Shred feat Vodou Queen 24 - Overture - Claimed by APZX OFFBEAT/GOOFY TRACKS - DISC OF TRABIA GARDEN 01 - SeeD 02 - Shuffle and Boogie - Claimed by GlacialSpoon 03 - Timber Owls - Claimed by Deedubs 04 - The Mission - Claimed by Flake 05 - Cactus Jack - Claimed by Blake Inc. 06 - Succession of Witches - Claimed by donut 07 - Under Her Control - Claimed by Jean of mArc 08 - A Sacrifice - Claimed by MkVaff 09 - Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec 10 - Intruders 11 - Wounded 12 - Jailed - Claimed by harg 13 - Rivals - Claimed by Eino Keskitalo 14 - The Spy 15 - Heresy - Claimed by KalS 16 - Odeka ke Chocobo - Claimed by HeavyViper 17 - Slide Show Part 1 and 2 - Claimed by Bluelighter 18 - Trust Me 19 - Silence and Motion 20 - Residents - Claimed by Rockos 21 - Truth 22 - Compression of Time - Claimed by Darangen 23 - The Castle - Claimed by Fishy 24 - Ending Theme (Credit Roll) ANY THEMING AND GENRE - DISC OF LUNATIC PANDORA 1 - Premonition - Claimed by Earth Kid 2 - Eyes on Me - Claimed by CNDRSamus TBD TBD TBD TBD QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: QUESTION: There are 74 tracks - are all going to be needing to remixed? ANSWER: No. I do not expect to have a full complement of 74 tracks that comprise the entire soundtrack to Final Fantasy VIII - however, I would like a minimum of 12 tracks for each CD theme - making a total of 36 tracks. I know it isn't a high bar to strive for, but trying to start up an album that has been languishing for years is a tall order, so I'm setting my sights on a more attainable goal. It would be nice to get them all, but I'm only asking for 12 per disc theme. QUESTION: I would like to remix a track, but not sure if I can meet the theme of the disc on my own. Can I collab with another remixer? ANSWER: Of course! In fact, I encourage many collaborations with this album! If you're awesome at piano, but need someone to give your track that cultural flair that I am hoping for in the CALM disc, then seek out someone willing to provide that for you! I'm excited to hear many collabs on this album. Likewise for the other two discs, if you feel you need to seek out other musicians for their talents to complete it, by all means, go collaborate! QUESTION: Some of the tracks don't seem to be in the right genre - like Eyes on Me is in the CRAZY theme? ANSWER: You're right! I deliberately put some tracks where they were for a reason. For example, I feel Eyes on Me has seen so many slow or smooth remixes and for once, I'd like to see us bring something new to the table with this OCRemix album by spicing it up in a way people didn't expect! QUESTION: What if I have a great idea for a GOOFY/OFFBEAT style, but the track is in the CALM theming. What do I do? ANSWER: Pitch the idea and more than likely, we can swap that track over to the disc of your choice and theming! Just because the tracks are in that theming doesn't mean they have to stay there! My only requirement was AT LEAST 12 tracks per theme. As long as I meet that bare minimum to make a full disc for each theme, I don't really care what tracks comprise what theme. So we can mix and match and this track line-up doesn't need to stay static! You wanna do Silence and Motion as a CALM waltz with sitar? Go for it! All I'm really asking for is to keep the themes so we, as a collective group for OCRemix, can bring something new to the Final Fantasy VIII remixing spectrum. QUESTION: What if I was a part of the previous attempt at this album? Does my claim and/or my track count? ANSWER: It sure can! Get with me ASAP and let's figure out together where we can fit in your track and if it is possible to update it to match the themes proposed above. You are more than welcome to submit the track to see if it fits in. Who knows? It might fit already in the three existing themes without much editing needed! But unless you tell me you want your old track claim back, I won't know if you're still on board. So let me know ASAP if you still want to do it and if you still like the theming your track is under or if you wish to change it to one of the other two. I'm willing to work with you! NOTE: I will be referencing the old forum post about who claimed what and will be giving those remixers priority over the next 3-4 weeks. After that time has past, I'll just assume you do not wish to participate anymore and will give the tracks to interested parties to remix. But I'd love if those who claimed before would want to come back to finish. QUESTION: Is there going to be a place to collaborate all the details of the project while in production? ANSWER: Yes! There is a discord server specifically set up for this album! So expect to get an invite when you join to come to the server on Discord! QUESTION: With the addition of this new, fourth disc - if a former claimant comes back to reclaim their track, can I still remix their track too? ANSWER: Of course! But your track won't be on the primary 3 GARDEN discs, instead, it'll be on the fourth 'bonus' disc, if you will, LUNATIC PANDORA. That and the priority requirement is to remix tracks that aren't going to have duplicates first for the 3 GARDEN discs. We need those filled up first before we start discussing claiming additional tracks that'll ultimately be duplicate remixed tracks for the PANDORA disc. Make sense? ---- Last note: I know this is such a huge shake up and everything regarding this album and I know some people won't be happy. I get that. However, I was personally asked to resurrect this project and this was the best way I've decided to breathe new life into this album. I hope you'll agree and be excited to bring something new, fresh and unheard of for Final Fantasy VIII! Let's be the darkhorse album this game deserves!
  8. Okay, after a lot of discussion and planning, we're most likely going to rebrand this album, change the theming and set up a new album thread with the new Album title soon. More words to follow. Chances are, the tracks you all have been working on may still work with the new theming, but if not, I'm sure can be retooled to fit easily enough depending on what you had planned to begin with. I'm going to get the final OK from @djpretzelbefore proceeding forward though. Hang tight - we might still revive this album yet, but it won't be in this aged project thread.
  9. By open source, you mean any game soundtrack included and not just specifically Hollow Knight? I know there was some pull for a an old Godzilla game soundtrack a while back. :)
  10. Okay, before I do any pitch here, I'd like to direct your attention and maybe some of your time to take a listen to this soundtrack to Serious Sam 4: I want to focus specifically on how the primary genre is epic cinematic score complete with fanfares, vocals and more and when in battle, it transitions to superb metal/rock/electronic or a mix of all three as needed and the fight version is a variation of the main (slower) theme of the level you just heard. It's a fantastic blueprint and it provides an amazing cohesive whole to the entire soundtrack and I just adore it. So, now the pitch: I recently played Hollow Knight and I noticed quite a few leitmotifs were repeated in varying fashions - from the major area tunes to when it changes to 'dangerous' to when it changes to a boss variant/version of the same tune. It's pretty seamless how Hollow Knight links it's themes across several tracks and you don't even realize it! So what if we had an album that took the Serious Sam 4 blueprint above and pushed the Hollow Knight soundtrack to epic cinematic score that progresses to outright mayhem and crazy orchestral metal/rock/electronic by the end for each track before ending it out as the remixer(s) desire? Would there be interest in an album for Hollow Knight that has this specific vision in mind?
  11. It is released!!! It is done! Enjoy the music and rock out!!! 🥳
  12. COMING SOON, a new OC ReMix community album! Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks! • TRAILER! https://youtube.com/watch?v=-nhmggRxDVU • https://twitter.com/ocremix/status/1401990131242999818 • https://www.facebook.com/ocremix/posts/346591153506430
  13. It's a good thing I got a physical copy of the entire OST from a con event from Square when they were promoting Final Fantasy IX. It was included in the free goodie bag they gave everyone who played the demo. So, if I do take this one, I'll have a full listen-through of the soundtrack, pick out the major highlights, look at what's been done, what needs to be done, maybe revamp the overall available track list based on those factors and my listen-through and we'd go from there. I'd most likely be making a completely new album topic/thread since I'd want to treat it like a brand-new project - if that would be okay with @djpretzel.
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