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  1. Hiphop cover in style of Run Dmc on music from SNES beat'em up Iron Commando.
  2. This is a chiptune remix\cover on russian indie rock musician aka Kinaman, he is also a very popular person in retro video game segment. That's why this 8bit style cover was made on one of his songs.
  3. Naza - Real Gangsta Shit For real, he ain't rapper of course, but just an youtuber. I chopped his rap tries from his vids and put it on da beat.
  4. 1. Rnb track inspired by Tetris music. I mixed some of the game's themes into my beat. I called it 'Game pieces'. The game's themes are not just a samples ripped from it, it's my own chiptune-like midi. 2. Hiphop beat inspired by orchestra composition 'Briefing Bad' from first Mafia. I chopped some parts of da original track and drop it on da mix. Just made a classic sampled hiphop thing. 3. Ya know that crazy japanese runner game 'Oh No!' on Ps 1? It's kinda analog of PepsiMan. I used some vocals of da game [from animated scenes between stages] and put it in da mix, on my jap-ethno type beat.
  5. Arab style ethno cover \ remix on ''Peace of Mind'' of Biohazard. With female sampled vocals.
  6. I have choped and sampled chiptune from different famicom games and put it into hip-hop beat. I never tried to chop music for sampling (like in classic hip-hop) before, so I decided to try it and I liked it goddamn. #Gettodachoppah! Adorable guy on da video it's a streamer that obsessed widdah famicom games))
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