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  1. Hello! I can help a little bit from the theory standpoint maybe. I really liked the move to the bVI chord (Bb major) the second time through the verse! It's one of my favorite harmonic moves. Was the choice to put the bass and the melody in different keys intentional? The melody is up in the key of D major, but the bassline is in the key of A (relative to the melody, it's playing the fifth, nineth, and tenth of the chord without ever playing the root). This may have just been an artistic decision, of course, but I wanted to make sure because your ears may have missed it.
  2. Hello all! This is my first attempt at remixing something from a game. I had this idea while watching Hbomberguy's DK64 stream from a while ago and threw this together. The transitions are clumsy, the drum part is thrown together haphazardly, and I have zero working knowledge of EQ or balance, but I'm proud of it. Someday I might record it with live instruments. I'm happy to hear constructive feedback, and if anyone can direct me to resources for me to learn more about music production, it'd be greatly appreciated.