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  1. From looking at the judges forum updates I can tell you guys have a heavy load, so no hard feelings Thank you for checking this out and your kind words! I appreciate it very much! <3
  2. So I submitted this stuff at the beginning of the year and haven't heard anything back on it yet, so it hasn't been rejected! Anywho, here's my take on select songs from Megaman X1-3. I have wanted to do covers of Megaman X stuff for a long, long time and finally got around to it last year! I felt like the majority of covers I've seen of Megaman X stuff has been on the harder side of things, be it metal (with guitar work most of the time lightyears better than I could pull off), or fast electronic stuff, and I always had different things in mind when interpreting the tunes. It's been pretty rewarding, and I'm proud of it. Hope you enjoy, friends