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  1. This is a game I loved so much as a kid, but I still really enjoy the music. I'd love to hear some ReMixers bring these tracks to life, especially the Title theme and the Ending theme. Another beautiful one is Unknown Theme C (on the ROM, but not in the game). All the music for the game is available here: (The tracks in particular I've recommended are: and )Or am I the only one who ever played this game? Thanks for taking the time to check it out and give it a second thought.
  2. In most respects, good work on this. It's got a pleasant melody to listen to, interesting beat nicely concealed so as not to destroy the ears, then the guitar kicks in to follow through with the next section with a pleasant choir echoing through to add the next bit of happiness to it. A wonderful piece altogether. The only bad thing I have to say is that the echo from the acoustic guitar that happens a second or two later kind of grates on my nerves while using headphones, but otherwise it is generally unheard (and these earphones are rather uncomfortable. Now for a personal anecdote: I've methodically gone through, downloading each and every remix on this site and stuffing it on my playlist. I set it to permanent shuffle, and as this song came on, I was duly confused. K-PAX's Grand Central had played just beforehand, and I wondered what it was doing playing twice. Quite the similar piece up until about 2:15 or so.
  3. This was a beautiful and completely original remix. I enjoy the rhythm, along with the warped voice wrapped gently around the harsh-sounding percussion. It kind of gives it a quality of finely-crafted scissors in a coating of bubble wrap. I also enjoyed toward the end and in the middle where it gives orchestral breaks, and at the end the drums end leaving you with the piano, strings and other great classical instruments. And to top it all off, you get Robo's storyline in the lyrics along with the music. A perfect work, all hail the Star Salzman!
  4. Another calm ReMix, stirring feelings of the heart. The sweet nature of the instruments with the soft drums looping quietly in the background, with how he kept enough of the melody of the song to make it recognizable just put this in my playlist for life. The mood of this entire song is perfect for getting someone to relax, as well for keeping mothers happy. I give this song 5 kudo points, for lack of anything else to give.
  5. This is wonderful. The soothing, peaceful feeling that I haven't heard since Kirby's BubblyClouds ReMix. I'm no expert, but I have followed OC Remix for a while, and I registered on the forum just so I could post about this. Last Blade 1 & 2 are my favorite games, and I'd like to see much more come out of this. Thanks for your time and effort! It made my day to see 'Last Blade' on the home page.
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