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  1. Right now the only thing resembling a personal playlist is the library which lists all favorites and all downloads. Custom playlists should probably be added as well. Shouldnt be too hard. Of course playing any remix from any list page will act as a playlist (latest remixes, search..). Anything more would be hard to do without creating some back end service where the app can get this info from. This wasnt my intention with the app though. Albums are a bit tougher because the site handles them differently. Not all are available on the site. Some have a custom website, some are on soundcloud, some are bittorrent... Without an API/help from the staff this would be difficult to implement. Maybe the soundcloud albums could be supported though... The next step I think are artist/remixer pages and game pages which will allow browsing all remixes by artist/game and getting more details about them. Still fixing bugs though.
  2. I've been fiddling about with this for a while now... Everything pretty much works, just need to test it more. I'm also not happy with how it looks just yet.
  3. This one really stands out from the whole OcReMix collection. Just wow! I never played Golden Sun and I very rarely delve into K-Pop but maybe I should try doing it more!
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