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  1. And here is the "final" version. I've mainly spiced up the guitars in this one.
  2. Update. I replaced the drums with more realistic ones, tweaked the bass line a bit and tried to space out the position of the instruments more along the x axis to reduce the clutter in the middle.
  3. Hi! I've been a fan of OCRemix for a huge amount of years and I finally decided to start trying to make some music of my own. I made some music in my early teens but life shoved me in other directions and I've just recently found the joy of it again. I've always loved the title music for Grand Prix Circut from 1988 and I remember struggling with making a remix of it when I were younger. I found myself struggling with it again for the exact same reason: It's just a short loop with four variations that gets helluva boring really fast. I wanted to do a chiptune/metal hybrid and this
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