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  1. Congrats Woody! Been following you on YT for awhile…really enjoy what the organ brings to these classics! 👍
  2. Fair enough; to each their own, I say. And hey, I'm open to vocal remixes...I still listen to all of the new releases to give each a chance and judge them on their individual merits, and in this case, that openness was rewarded. LOVED this one Great work all around. ::thumbs up::
  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa. First, I never said hate. I just said they're not really my thing. I also don't like modern country music. So what? Second, labelling someone "dumb" for their musical tastes is unbecoming for a community leader, immature, and just not very nice in general.
  4. I've been pretty outspoken in the past about my opinion of vocal remixes, but this....THIS is brilliantly done. That guilty-pleasure vibe through and through totally works. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the mp3 version! I liked this. Wasn't personally bothered by any of the synthetics, and it was just pleasantly relaxing to listen through. Names? Hmm... Midna Sonate Fantastique? Feels like some whimsical name with French is apt. Cheers though!
  6. Thanks for your reply. I might have not been specific enough, but I wasn't saying I or any other non-judge should be part of the selection process. I was more addressing the cavalier attitude the judge was tossing around in an attempt to rudely pacify an opinion he doesn't share, immediately after asking for peoples' opinions. I sincerely hope his attitude and personality are offset by more rational and objective talent on the panel; something which pains me to say after enjoying the man's site and work for a decade and a half :-\ That was overkill for reading far too much into what I wrote, but thank you for being so empirical. I do admit that my bias of not enjoying the lyrical tracks colors my perception, and that's all I said, that it "seems" like there are more than ever...lately, not literally, and not since the historical beginning. Anyway, thanks for taking the time. As for the "consider the fans", I did not in any way mean that my nor any other site visitor's opinions be considered in the judging process necessarily, and not to make it any type of public voting/popularity contest. Just that rudely dismissing long-time visitors' opinions after explicitly requesting them in the OP doesn't really instill much confidence in a judge's ability to be fair, impartial, etc. It also doesn't say much that an officiating member of the site would brashly and curtly speak for everyone (staff and all of the site's traffic) to swat down with such a strong hand, a very passive, informal suggestion that in all honestly would cause precisely zero negative side-effects, yet benefit all users in their ability to find the content on the site most relevant to their tastes. And for the record, I have never said, please OCR, quit posting lyrical remixes. I see the value in posting them for those who do enjoy. I was mostly saying that because some of us do not particularly care for them, it would be great to have some way of denoting them (i.e. metadata, etc) that would be searchable, so we can quickly tell. Obviously a separate site is hyperbole, but the core idea above is a sound suggestion.
  7. I never said I wanted it; I'm not qualified in musical production. However, as a patron of the site since 1999-2000, and a lifelong music lover, I am qualified and entitled to have an opinion, which is what you solicited in the OP. It just so happens that 98% of the time I just don't get into the homespun written-and-sung lyrics, regardless of quality, which I can at least appreciate creatively. That's why I say "sometimes" it would be nice to have all of those somehow separated, especially since they seem to be more common than ever. Unfortunately for me, lately it feels like lyrical new releases outnumber the instrumentals, which I prefer. If you are a judge, hopefully your wisdom includes considering the fans..all of them. That's it, thanks and carry on.
  8. Sometimes I wish OCR would split off vocal remixes to another site or something. I just can't get into classic game songs with lyrics added into them, and am always disappointed when I see a new remix but discover it's "tainted". Anyway, I appreciate the effort on this, but it sounds like a B-side of the Re*arded Hot Chili Peppers...if such a parody band existed.
  9. link ok? get an "oh no! we can't find that track" message.
  10. I don't normally comment on the remixes; I usually just download and enjoy them without question. This might be my first one in 15 years actually. I also don't normally get into the remixes with singing and/or lyrics. Not to point fingers or discourage anyone, because it is something that CAN be done well, but most remixes from that category never quite seem to compare with the all-instrumental releases, at least to me they don't. Not sure if it's the often very amateur sounding vocals, or that the lyrics are often not quite as inspired or impactful as the backing track, but whatever. It's all good; just not all my cup of tea. However, this is amazing. The lyrics are rather straightforward (though I couldn't decipher them without the video holding my hand through them), but they work well, and the vocals/production is top notch. Consider the bar raised, singing remixers!
  11. amazing... i like the authenticity of course, but like jake pointed out, the original stuff during the solo was excellent. i'd like to hear much more of that, and maybe a bit less (lead in/out) of the source melody.
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