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    Also known as LjB0 here on OCRemix & Youtube/Spotify - I love to make music, especially game music, and am making 2021 my year to get into game/film composing! My LjB0 channel has done well on Youtube, but the mysterous algorithm seems to want it to be novelty medieval songs only! So I thought I should set up a new profile & channel to do my proper composing & arranging stuff. Would absolutely love to score your indie game/film - drop me a line!
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  1. Hello! I'm sort of being reborn on OCRemix today - I am also known as LjB0 with a profile here & a YouTube channel that has ended up being semi-successful for medieval game covers. But probably because of this, YouTube's algorithm seems to only be interested in medieval covers now on that channel! Honestly, the medieval thing has been a weird surprise and was never my main interest; just a quirky side hobby - I am much more interested in orchestral and soundtrack-style music, so I have today started fresh as James Laurence here & on Youtube. Really excited to also share original c
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