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    Also known as LjB0 here on OCRemix & Youtube/Spotify - I love to make music, especially game music, and am making 2021 my year to get into game/film composing! My LjB0 channel has done well on Youtube, but the mysterous algorithm seems to want it to be novelty medieval songs only! So I thought I should set up a new profile & channel to do my proper composing & arranging stuff. Would absolutely love to score your indie game/film - drop me a line!
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    Studio One
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    Cinematic Studio Series, Spitfire Audio, Kontakt
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  1. Hello! I'm sort of being reborn on OCRemix today - I am also known as LjB0 with a profile here & a YouTube channel that has ended up being semi-successful for medieval game covers. But probably because of this, YouTube's algorithm seems to only be interested in medieval covers now on that channel! Honestly, the medieval thing has been a weird surprise and was never my main interest; just a quirky side hobby - I am much more interested in orchestral and soundtrack-style music, so I have today started fresh as James Laurence here & on Youtube. Really excited to also share original concept pieces with this new outlet! Going to work hard and make 2021 my year for getting properly into the industry. So with all that out the way, my first arrangement uses instruments from Cinematic Studio Series & Spitfire Audio (has been a total treat to use real libraries this year, for the first time ever) to turn Megalovania into a bombastic superhero anthem very much in the style of The Avengers' main theme by Alan Silvestri. Would love to hear your thoughts & really hope you enjoy the music! Thanks a lot.
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