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  1. This question was originally part of the MusicBrainz thread here: Where @Liontamer responded thusly: Cool, thanks for clarifying that. For what it's worth, I searched on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and Google Cache, and YouTube (including this playlist) for both #461 and #1059, but couldn't find them. The only information I could find about them is from their ID3's comment tags: Here's OCR00461: But sadly, the author's URL is defunct now. Here's OCR01059: Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help with this.
  2. There are two items (OCR00461 - Adventure Island 'Higgins Goes to Miami' OC ReMix and OCR01059 - Super Castlevania IV 'Belmont Mix' OC ReMix) whose URLs on ocremix.org yield 404. They are also labeled as "ReMoved" on MusicBrainz. But they are not mentioned in the changelog, and they are still present in the torrent. It seems to me that these items should either be: A. restored on ocremix.org; or B. removed from the torrent and added to the changelog. Or is there some other explanation for the current situation?
  3. That is a good point. So... maybe some kind of consensus could be reached on this thread, and then the tracks on MB could be updated accordingly? I'd be willing to rename them all back from "ReMoved" to "ReMix". As a counterpoint: the single-quotes convention of the MB style guide also does not match the naming of the officially distributed tracks, which use double quotes. Should the titles on MB also be changed to use double quotes? (And if so: curly or not?)
  4. I've taken the liberty of updating the OC-ReMoved-related entries of the MusicBrainz database (my first MB DB edits! \^_^/). Here's a summary of what I did: Moved all expunged items from OverClocked ReMix series to OC ReMoved series. Accordingly, renamed title suffixes from "ReMix" to "ReMoved". Merged duplicate OCR00366 (Mega Man 3 'X Intro') recordings. Removed defunct doulifee.com links from all expunged items. Updated the OC Re
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