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  1. I find this song loops well. I keep listening to it on a loop.
  2. Do you like data? https://musicbrainz.org/release/db51739f-3fcb-4e91-ae6f-9527fab1e8ea
  3. I've done a bit of cleanup of the data there, please check here and here and let me know.
  4. Ok, I think I found the original lyrics. But it only bares a passing resemblance to the recording's lyrics.
  5. I really don't know how to credit Chuckles' Chaotix. Are those new lyrics by ladyWildfire or are they from one of the songs being covered?
  6. I thought the Link's Awakening songs "Field" and "Overworld" are the same song. Are they actually different?
  7. Very nice! All the important information should be here now.
  8. All remixers should be listed in MusicBrainz. Most remixers will have at least 2 pages, one for their real name and 1 for each stage name actually used.
  9. I like it. The mellowness really fits the source material, who's flute I found a bit shrill.
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