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  1. This question was originally part of the MusicBrainz thread here: Where @Liontamer responded thusly: Cool, thanks for clarifying that. For what it's worth, I searched on the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, and Google Cache, and YouTube (including this playlist) for both #461 and #1059, but couldn't find them. The only information I could find about them is from their ID3's comment tags: Here's OCR00461: But sadly, the author's URL is defunct now. Here's OCR01059: Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help with this.
  2. There are two items (OCR00461 - Adventure Island 'Higgins Goes to Miami' OC ReMix and OCR01059 - Super Castlevania IV 'Belmont Mix' OC ReMix) whose URLs on ocremix.org yield 404. They are also labeled as "ReMoved" on MusicBrainz. But they are not mentioned in the changelog, and they are still present in the torrent. It seems to me that these items should either be: A. restored on ocremix.org; or B. removed from the torrent and added to the changelog. Or is there some other explanation for the current situation?
  3. That is a good point. So... maybe some kind of consensus could be reached on this thread, and then the tracks on MB could be updated accordingly? I'd be willing to rename them all back from "ReMoved" to "ReMix". As a counterpoint: the single-quotes convention of the MB style guide also does not match the naming of the officially distributed tracks, which use double quotes. Should the titles on MB also be changed to use double quotes? (And if so: curly or not?)
  4. I've taken the liberty of updating the OC-ReMoved-related entries of the MusicBrainz database (my first MB DB edits! \^_^/). Here's a summary of what I did: Moved all expunged items from OverClocked ReMix series to OC ReMoved series. Accordingly, renamed title suffixes from "ReMix" to "ReMoved". Merged duplicate OCR00366 (Mega Man 3 'X Intro') recordings. Removed defunct doulifee.com links from all expunged items. Updated the OC ReMoved series annotation to be better. Note that nearly all of these edits need to go through voting, so probably won't be visible yet as of this writing. Here are some questions and observations that cropped up while doing this work: There are three pre-OCR4000 entries (OCR03695, OCR03744, OCR03783) apparently missing from MusicBrainz. These ought to be added, no? There are two items (OCR00461 - Adventure Island 'Higgins Goes to Miami' OC ReMix and OCR01059 - Super Castlevania IV 'Belmont Mix' OC ReMix) whose URLs on ocremix.org give 404. They are labeled "ReMoved" on MusicBrainz, but not mentioned in the removal log, and still present in the torrent. These either need to be restored on ocremix.org, or removed from the torrent and mentioned in the changelog, right? The quoting style on MusicBrainz has changed recently. Starting with OCR03382, the style switched from single quotes to double quotes. Starting with OCR04089, the style switched from straight double quotes to curly double quotes. But the style guide says to use single quotes. Should these three styles be reconciled? Similarly, should the style guide mention that removed entries should use "ReMoved" rather than "ReMix" as the suffix? OCR02385 was a tune lifted from the Pokémon Advanced Generation anime, not eligible for inclusion in MB as its own entry. But the OST for the Pokémon anime is likely in MusicBrainz. Should the relevant track be added to the OC ReMoved series with the OCR02385 code? Or no? Entries after OCR04019 are only sporadically added. The big torrent currently goes up to OCR04000. I don't have time to download and add the newest items myself, but just thought I'd mention it here for completeness. @CyberSkull Thank you for all the trailblazing work you did getting OC ReMix added to MusicBrainz. Very useful!
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