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  1. remember crash bandicot for playstation? you went like, THAT TIME! how will i get that gold trophy in time trial! impossible! and finilly you did ! YES !? HOW WILL I GET THAT PLATINUM TROPHY IN TIME TRAIL!!? and in alla levels, that was so extrem ULTRA HARD![/b]
  2. what if the weapons didn't get killed, maybe they where going to destroy sephiroth and the meteor. ?
  3. pretty sure it wont work on ruby or emereld weapon. ... didn't the weapon going to save the earth when it was in danger? .... how come cloud and his pals wanna kill them?
  4. doesn't matter, you buster sword will still do like 100~200 damage, an this guy have 1 000 000 life ... Is it possible to beat Ruby Weapon that way? I mean, if you have a certain equipment, so you can't get hurt?
  5. This will be hard, try it if you want 1. It's in FF7 2. Only have Cloud alive, or in the party (if it's possible) 3. Equip buster sword, and no magic. Then you just go to ruby weapon and begin to fight
  6. Dual Orb 2, the first boss fighted with sticks will be a nice challenge
  7. i got this silly idea that cloud from ff7 got mutated to ultima weapon in ff8, you can see ultima weapon holding the sword ultima weapon (that cloud found in ff7) .
  8. what did you get after you beat omega weapon in ff8? i know you get this screen in the menu saying you have beaten the hardest boss in the game. but didn't you get something else?
  9. I go with RuneLancer Bloody Mary in terranigma,
  10. - I'm swedish, i cannot write english very well. kLuTz are my favorite remixer, he creates love with piano. thanks kLuTz
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