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  1. Thanks for your detailed constructive advice, Indeed your right on all points, I actually mixed this in headphones with an ear that I just had to have surgery on and I'll be honest I rushed through it just to put something out to soon. Its funny to because just a few years ago I graduate form UBC in Vancouver and about a month after let it all go due to depression that set in, but here i am today and decided that this track was going to be my starting point lol. You notes will be my starting point, but I going to give my ear some time to heal for a week or so and I will mixes this down again with your suggestion as my footnotes in what direction to go in and I will post back here with an update to the mix. Its never good to by ones ears alone and base everything by ones understanding in what they believe to be a good mix that why I posted this for review, I know that there was some room for improvement, thanks again.
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